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House help

Track and report on daily household services or items like cook,milk,maid

You can track support/services that helps you in your daily life.
People like cook, housemaid, car driver et all and items like milk/newspaper.
You can also find the number of days they are in/out and related reports.
You can also customize the services name/feedback and link it to a contact.
You can know the time elapsed since the service man checked-in to the house.
You can also track the salary amount paid with date.
You can directly share custom status message on facebook. Support for 51 languages.
You can share the application by long press on main screen through email/twitter/sms/.
You can use tabs to move between details,reports and settings view.
You can use left-right or right-to-left horizontal gesture to move from one service to another.
Added tab view for easier navigation between details,reports and settings view.

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