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Jan 03, 2013
2.1 and up
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Holdem Helper


Holdem Helper Description

Holdem Helper is a Texas Holdem application to help you gauge the strength of various hands. It is a tool to use while you're playing Holdem anywhere, especially online. It's designed to allow quick hand entry and get hand strength feedback immediately.
Features: * Current and final hand strength simulations on Flop, Turn, and River
* Gauges the strength of your draw
* Hide your cards and simulation results
* Configurable number of opponents and hands to simulate
* Instant feedback from running simulations
Requirements: * Android: 2.1.x or higher
* 480 x 720 screen or larger
When Holdem Helper starts, you will see a yellow rectangle and 3 green rectangles at the top of the screen. These represent the betting rounds (Holecards, Flop, Turn, and River). The active round where cards will be placed is yellow. You can touch these rounds to make them active. If cards already exist in the round you touch,
then one card will be removed from the round. At least both your Holecards and all the Flop cards must be entered before a simulation can run.Below the rounds to the left is the Foes control for entering the number of opponents (not including yourself). It is recommended to set this to the number of players seeing the Flop. If players drop out on the turn or river, the remaining hands are most likely the strongest.To the right of Foes is the Clear button. It is enabled if one or more cards are showing in any round. Pressing Clear will clear all cards in all rounds and clear the Results Bars at the Bottom. This is useful when a new hand is starting.To the right of Clear is the Run ( > ) button. It will only activate when you have entered enough cards for a simulation. Random Holecards are given to each opponent in the hand. Depending on which rounds have cards, different simulations will run: * If your Holecards and Flop are set, but the Turn is not set, then simulations will run for the current state of the Flop and and the final state using random cards for the Turn and River.
* If your Holecards, the Flop, and Turn are set, but the River is not set, then simulations will run for the current state of the Turn and the final state using a random card for the River.
* If all cards are set, then only a final simulation for the River will run.
It is useful to compare the Current results to the Final results to see if your hand needs protection or if it has a strong draw.After you have pressed the Run button, the Run button will change to a red Stop button. The simulation will continue to run until it has executed the number of Trials in your Preferences or until you press the Stop button.The large section below the Foes, Clear, and Run controls is the Rank button area. It has one button for each Rank of card. You enter cards by pressing buttons in this area. When you press a Rank button, you will immediately be asked for the Suit. After you have selected the Suit, then the card will appear in the active yellow Round box above. If the active Round was full, then the last card in the Round will be replaced with the card you selected.The rank section may also be used to hide your Holecards and results. Any Swipe gesture in the rank button area will toggle the state of your Holecards and Result bars between being shown and hidden. This feature would be used if you were playing a live game and didn't want others to see your cards or results.Below the Rank Buttons area is the Simulation Results area. Results show up immediately after you have pressed the Run button. Two bars will appear: The top bar will give you the current state of affairs, and the bottom bar will give you the final state using random cards for the missing round(s). Green indicates the percentage of wins, Yellow is the percentage of ties, and Red is the percentage of losses. The numbers on the bars are rounded to the nearest percentage. Very small colored areas will not have numbers and will be less than 4%.

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