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Apr 15, 2013
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Hide Sms Spy, is an application in the 'application, in fact all' appearance Sms light might seem like a normal "altimeter" with cute graphics and sympathetic
would not raise any suspicion to those who have never installed this app on your smartphone.
We go more in detail, the task of Hide Sms Spy is to intercept all the messages in
entry saving mode "hide" (hidden) and then send them (for a subsequent boot) to a pre-set number.
Hide Sms light leaves no trace on the phone if not the 'illusion of having installed
a standard altimeter and then a normal application on your phone.Features:1 - No double post for the 'forwarding to your number
2 - No notification that may be suspected
3 - Recovery of deleted messages
4 - No subscription support
5 - License valid forever
6 - Infiniti number changes
How does it work Hide Sms Spy?Once you have downloaded the application you will see an icon due to an altimeter, opening the 'application you will notice that it is actually post a real altimeter function.
At this point, if you were the person or his son to keep an eye on your knowledge of the 'application should end here, but surely if you have arrived on this page are certainly the person to control you, so let's move on notice now a button at the top on the right, click it, now you will get a page "apparently" for system settings and then even this will arouse suspicions of the person to control as just think they are system settings, time to go to the next page where we put the number on which the messages we receive a password which is as follows: 0899.
Without this we are confronted with a texbox where to enter the mobile phone number, after doing so click on "active number," perfect now you just have to go back and exit the 'application.
From this moment all messages will be saved on the phone and then sent (for the subsequent launch of 'application) to the pre-set number.Examples of 'use:A parent may install this application on your phone's son and hide it in a folder, after a few hours or a few days or when you will be able to get the phone of his son in his hands just open the 'application and enter the' area where he had set phone number and wait a few seconds then will close again the 'application, in the meantime has received on his number all the messages he received his son.Same as you might do with his girlfriend with whom it is very much easier to get your hands on his cell phone more often.IMPORTANTThe description is given exactly what makes this application in detail
to avoid any problem to put bad reviews but please send an email and we will solve the problem in '100% of cases.

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