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Feb 20, 2013
1.6 and up
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Rating: 218

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HMT Invisible+ (Hide My Text)


HMT Invisible+ (Hide My Text) Description

*Hide text messages/SMS messages for unlimited contacts
*Hide call logs for unlimited contacts
*Block unwanted text messages/SMS and Block calls
*The icon is completely invisible – no one will see it
*Change Status bar icon and descriptions
*Requires a password to get into the app for privacy
*You MUST read directions at download!!!!
*Choose your own text message thread colors
*See failed attempts to get into app in the “Log File”
*Change contacts/password/home screen shortcut anytimeHave you ever wanted to keep your text messages and your call logs private? Would you like to block text messages and calls from someone? Would you like to be able to secure your text messages from anyone and everyone with a password protected decoy app? Are you looking for the coolest text messaging app out there? Well, here’s your answer!Hide text messages for unlimited contacts safely with a password protected “Decoy App”. Once you download this app it will place an “Invisible” icon in your app drawer. Hide text messages from selected contacts in this app. These text messages will not be put in “regular” text message apps. Text messages in the app are completely separate and secure. When text messages are received, you get a notification in the status bar that says, “Subscription notice,” which makes it look like it has a “subscription error.” Only you will know it’s a notification for a text message.

You can switch contacts when needed. Don’t worry - once a contact is removed it will not put hidden text messages in your “regular” text messaging box. Does not transfer existing messages – the two areas are completely separate! Does not support MMS…The hide call log feature allows you to add the contact and all incoming, outgoing and missed calls will be deleted from your regular call logs. You must place the outgoing call from inside the app and you have the choice of saving your call logs inside the app!!!The Block text messaging feature will allow you to block incoming text messages. You have the option to save the blocked text messages so you can read them after you “unblock” the contact. Or we can discard the text messages as they come in. You can still send text messages to the contact while they are blocked. We have added the “Call Blocker” feature for that contact that is really a pain. We also give you the choice to save the call log for these blocked calls or we can discard them as they come in for you.It does not remove or change your “regular” text message icon in the app drawer. This is a decoy application that allows you to hide text or block calls and text messages with password protection. This is similar to CATE - Call and Text Eraser, or Shady SMS.Features:
*Hide SMS messages / block SMS messages for unlimited contacts
*Hide incoming/outgoing phone call logs for unlimited contacts
*Select from your contact list or put in other contacts
*Choose your own SMS color theme
*Three icon options to put on your home screen
*Change Status bar notifications and descriptions
*Block unwanted text messages from a contact
*Block Calls from a contact
*Ability to set notification options
*Looks like an app that requires a subscription and needs a password
*Home screen is blank – it is “invisible” – read the instructions!
*Logs failed attempts to get into the app, just in case you were wondering
*Displays in your “Applications” list as “iOS Update Monitor”

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Google Play Comments

Evo 3dApp was working fine for about a day. Now all of a sudden the hidden contacts messages are coming to my regular inbox as multimedia messages. I realized that if the persons text is too long or more than one text message limit, it will arrive in ur normal inbox. I'm glad I caught this before my girlfriend did. Sad part is I paid for this app when there are free ones that works better like my calculator..thanks for ripping me off fawkers!
2Thumbs Up!Best Fu¢ken app ever, ur girl wouldnt even how many girls u have in the app alone lol,, careful tho with no internet conn. Its hard to log in, and fwd msgs go straight to your inbox, so double Check or I'll get caught, and last FIX THE LATEST DAM ISSUE, its been months for the new updated phones to block their calls PLZ FIX SOON thanx
Great App change the nameI love it. I would give it 5 stars if you can please change the name on the phone app.

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