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Jul 12, 2012
2.1 and up
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Hide Files, Photos, Videos - L


Hide Files, Photos, Videos - L Description

The app is NOT as straight forward as the name. This is a DISGUISED app, that lets you hide FILES, PICTURES, VIDEOS & AUDIO records.

*** This is LITE version and hides only 10 objects. For unlimited use, purchase PRO version from market. ***

Why do I need this app?
Everyone loves privacy. But there is always risk of others going through your important files, intimate photos or videos. This app ensures the secrecy of such stuff.

What is the this DISGUISED version all about?
The app is disguised so that only YOU can understand what the real app is about.
The app gets installed as MANAGER. This FAKE/DECOY app tells you the memory status of your SD card.

How do I hide files/videos/photos?
Two ways -
1. Go to default gallery. Select the images or videos or both that you want to hide, click share, select Manager.
2. Use default file manager app, click share, then manager. Select the desired files. That's it.

How to access/see the hidden stuff?
Open the app, tap 4 times on the screen.

Can I unhide any item after I hide them?
Yes, once you are in the real app (by tapping 4 times), long press on any file, and you'll find an option to unhide.

Are there separate folders for Images, Videos, Files & Audio?
Yes. The files will automatically be stored into respective folders.

Can I open the photos/videos/files/audio records from your app?
You can open photo, video and audio records from our app. There is no need to unhide them first and then play.
However, the 'files' are general files (other than audio/video/photo). They can be opened only from the default manager, so you need to unhide them first.

Can I specify the particular folder to store data while unhiding?

We constantly improve our apps, so if you have suggestions, do share. For issues, mail us. We respond fast.

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Google Play Comments

Umm...Would be 5 stars but there should be more space and hide at least 20-30 files. Please fix. :-(
UmAfter updating it just then I couldn't see any of my hidden files so I in installed it and now I don't see the files on my gallery or my media folder either. Any fix?

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