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Jun 10, 2013
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 319

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Hide Caller ID


Hide Caller ID Description

"Hide Caller ID" will hide your caller id based on preferences added under settings.
No more fiddling with the general Android settings, hiding or unhiding your caller id after each call and going through all the pages to find the option to suppress your number.
Hide caller ID will automatically hide your number and the other party will receive it as an: "Unknown" "Private" "Withheld" etc. It works for outgoing CALLS only, not SMS!!!You will only need to set up the app once, and pay for it once, that's it! The app is fully operational with all the networks in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe (Mainland and Great Britain), Australia, South America and with some limitations in some countries in Africa and Asia. Please contact us if your provider is not supporting the hiding of your caller id.Features:
✔ Hide Caller ID for all outgoing calls
✔ Hide Caller ID for all outgoing calls for numbers NOT in your contact list
✔ Hide Caller ID for all outgoing calls for numbers FROM your contact list
✔ Hide Caller ID for specific numbers only (Black list)
✔ Allow Caller ID for specific numbers only, hide for the rest (White list)
✔ The settings can be combined to have for instance hiding your caller id from anybody not in your contact list + manually added numbers that might be in the contact list
✔ Option to add a provider specific code ( we try to cover all providers but this is not possible so we are giving you an option to add the code of your provider)
✔ Short vibration to indicate when the number is being hidden
✔ Status bar ongoing notification indicating when the app is running and to open it faster.*!!!IMPORTANT BEFORE BUYING AND REVIEWING, READ THIS!!!*
If your operator is not supported at the moment and the caller id is still being shown to the other party, please contact your provider and ask for the caller id code. Once you have the code you just have to add it to the "Operator code" setting (have a look at the picture), leave blank if all is good!
This prefix code is operator specific. We have a list with possible prefix codes, but those could change and are not fixed for all the operators.
Please contact us with the Name of the provider and country of origin, along with the prefix code, so that we can add it to the Database.And as always, leaving a bad review is not going to help you and not going to help us, we can't contact you, we can't fix this issue without more information and we don't have your email. If you have a problem with the app - contact us from the contact form inside the app, we fix issues within 48 hours or less!
If you like the app and found it useful, please rate us and acknowledge our work.IF YOUR PROVIDER DOES NOT ALLOW TO HIDE THE CALLER ID (99% of them all do!) AND DOES NOT OFFER THIS OPTION, TEST THE APP AND REFUND IT WITHIN THE 15 MINUTES IF IT DOESN'T WORK OR CONTACT US!
Thank you!Please make sure to check out our other cool Apps:
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Google Play Comments

Great appYou may have to experiment with the coded to determine which code works for your carrier but that's OK. It only took me a minute to figure it out. The app performs flawlessly and the best part is that you can set it up to hide your # to any calls made to a number not in your phone book! I love this app!!!
Galaxy S2Does exactly what it has to. Highly recommend for anyone who does'nt want an annoying call back. Good work.
UsefulBut I found the widget's colors a bit confusing at first. Red for disabled and blue for enabled. Maybe you could use 2 different icons which will make it a bit more clear? Either than that I'm happy with it.

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