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Apr 03, 2013
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 323

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Hidden Treasures Hidden Object


Hidden Treasures Hidden Object Description

Hidden treasures is a fun and colorful casual hidden object game.
You follow the story of a young orphan boy whose treasure hunting father went missing 10 years ago. You will travel to exotic places in search of his fathers greatest treasure. There are over 100 items to find in 10 different locations of the world.Locations include a rainforest, desert, house, cave, beach, and even one under the sea! There is so much to find in this game it will keep you entertained for hours.Features:
Easy controls, scroll and single tap to find items
Dynamic scaling to run on all sizes of devices, from phones to tablets
Story driven, but the story can be skipped if you just want to find the items in the images
Supports all phones and tablets, 2.1 and higher!It is my goal to be the developer of the best hidden object games on android. Please contact me with problems and suggestions.Keywords: Hidden Object Game HOG Search Find Discover treasure find search hide and seek fun games

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Waste of moneyThis game is c*** only a few levels and then even some of the items you need to fine are that small you cannot see them unless you use a hit..... Waste of money!!!!
Don't waste your money.This game is poor. It is an uninspired, and ultimately boring, hidden object game. Either the objects are too easy to find or you end up tapping the screen of your device like a Parkinson's sufferer until you find the dark grey object in the dark grey background. The story isn't even told in any interesting way; at intervals a cheesy stock Android notification window pops up to move the essentially superfluous Polly along. There are so many hidden object games out there that are so much better!
FrustratingWhile a mostly enjoyable game, making good use of the zoom function, the hints don't always do anything, or they were too obtuse (or quick?) to spot. Used all 3 hints on the slippers in the library & still can't find them. Hint didn't appear to do anything. On the plus side, most items are clearly described by the name, which is not always the case in hidden object games, and the touch pad interface works well.

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