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Happy Farm LinkUp 1.1.2

Happy Farm LinkUp is a farm and pure and fresh style, light rhythm leisure linkup game.The linkup game everybody are not unfamiliar, play is very simple, will be the same two patterns in at most two inflexion point cases into a single line can be removed.This see repeatedly compared to other repeatedly to see what there is fun place? Can say this to see repeatedly no matter from screen, sound, function, props, smooth, play on the can, set to see repeatedly many advantages in a body, can kill the other market to see repeatedly game!Function as follows:
Levels: the current setting 18 levels, and each level has different ICONS, with game terms is a different map.
Star: each checkpoint scoring has three a star, will all levels painted three stars, will give you an unparalleled achievement.
Props: rearrangement of, can rearrange icon; Hint, hint two can eliminate design, and, if not, can eliminate the automatic rearrangement; Time, increase 10 seconds of time.
Voice: cheerful light background music, holiday classic sound, the sound of switch switch at any time.
The special effects: the elimination of design of dazzle beautiful when lightning, score the bonus effects when.
Image: pure and fresh and pleasing to the eye background, delicate and lovely design, the atmosphere of the overall design, various raises a delicate icon.See repeatedly so simple, but it's not easy to play well. The more continuous eliminate, the higher the score, want clever arrangement and planning, when kept even away appeared, the sense of accomplishment is incomparable.

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