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Apr 07, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 25

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Hal Virtual Assistant


Hal Virtual Assistant Description

Hal Virtual Assistant features several capabilities including voice recognition/commands, music player, document reader (eReader), voice synthesis, location/GPS tracking, News, Weather, CallerID and safer driving (beta).
It is designed to avoid looking at the phone screen and minimize distractions. This application is voice activated and able to interact with the user by talking.

Voice command examples include:
Call Jenny
Call 9064567892
Dial 911
News about president Obama
What time is it ?
What is the date ?

DISCLAIMER: Please remember that Android voice recognition and synthesis are still work in progress. There are many factors to consider. Don't expect flawless voice recognition and synthesis. Don't download otherwise. Using song numbers improves accuracy. The menu options can also be used instead of the voice commands. Keyboard input is also supported as a workaround.

The Location commands allow you to send your current location to family or friends who are members of your contact list, via email or text message which makes it easy for them to locate you. Your location can be sent once (as soon as possible) or at regular time intervals: 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes. A link is sent along with the text message or email so that your current location can be displayed on a map (via Google maps).

No web site registration is required. Your privacy and location information are always securely protected. Your current location is sent directly to the contact phone or email mailbox, without relying on any intermediaries.

In order to invoke the Location commands, you can push the
microphone icon, and say "Location".

The media player includes the following features, among others:

- Voice activated search based on song or item number. You can also perform other voice activated searches. For instance, say:

search thriller
search song thriller
search artist Michael Bulton
search album party
playlist myplaylist

- Voice interface. The media player speaks and provides you with information about the current song or item, including song number and title.
- Playlist menu option: display all the playlists available. A specific playlist can be selected and played by clicking on it. A long click will direct the media player to speak and tell you the title of the playlist.
- Fast forward and backward searches. Searches can include all the songs or be limited to the scope of a playlist. You can combine the forward and backward buttons to skip to a specific song. This is in case you choose not to use the voice activated search feature.
- 4-button simple interface and tactile (haptic) feedback that, along with the voice recognition and talking capabilities, also avoids looking at the screen.

This is a beta version. Your feedback and comments
are appreciated.

Note: This version only reads from the external SD Card.
Requires Android 1.6+. Android 2.1 is recommended. The talking feature requires google voice search apk and data.

Note: Your device needs to be appropriately configured for the Location features to work (Location provider settings). Under Settings/Security & location, enable wireless networks and/or GPS satellites depending on your needs. The latter provides street-level location but requires more battery and view of the sky.

Keywords: GPS, location tracking, Music Player, Media Player, Document Reader, Voice Interface, Voice Search, Car, Automobile, Hands free, Talking, Safety.

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Ok okJust need direct shortcut of recognition of voice from any where on the screen instead of opening the app everytime.
SucksThis thing does not work can not remember voice at all
Not goodNo good

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