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Mar 05, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 24

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HAIR CHANGE Description

This application can compose hairstyle and facial photos. You can enjoy comparing the composite results list screen. Usage is simple! You need only to adjust the position of the photo, then the app automatically composite.
Kind of hair style is short hair, medium hair, long hair, arrangement hair. Since synthesis in the result list is displayed, you can compare variety of hairstyles at a glance.
The free version has limited functionality.Free version limitationsThe ability to shoot the camera in the application.
-You can use to synthesize a picture taken using the camera that view the guideline.The ability to save the results composed.
-you can save your favorite hairstyles.---
※To use this application, you need more than Android2.2 and Adobe AIR2.7.
※In some models, the hardware is faulty. So you can not be captured using the camera.
Sorry, if you want to take a picture, please use a standard camera.
Currently, as far as we know, these model can not use the capture feature of the camera.
・Galaxy S2---last update
(version 1.1.2)
・In Android version 3.2, fixed a bug the screen orientation is not a vertical orientation.
・In Android version 3.2, fixed a bug the screen orientation is not a vertical orientation.(version 1.1.1)
・Performance of result list improved substantially.(version 1.1.0)
・Performance improved substantially.(version 1.0.4)
・Fixed some bugs.(version 1.0.3)
・Added 8 hairstyle.
(Long: No. 021 ~ 023, Medium: No. 022, Short: No. 021-024)
・Fixed some bugs.(version 1.0.2)
・Added button to adjust the rotation and zoom.
・The initial value of the zoom mode to fix the aspect ratio was changed to the locked state.
・Fixed a bug in the rotation features.

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Google Play Comments

HmmI wonder what class I'm in when scowl starts cries the app is as sad as mee
Good for laughs, but no good stylesCan't choose color or hair type. Pretty hysterical though!
El Capitan
Finally!I can finally show my girlfriend the hairstyle I wanted on her. Maybe I can finally convince her to fire her hairstylist ;) Kind of cool how it lets you mess with the hair color a bit and stretch it too fit the different head shapes. I thought it was kind of cool.

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moehtet on July 25,2013 Useful (0)      Useless (0)
I like it. That's great.

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