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Apr 27, 2013
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Guns And Ammo: Bible of Guns


Guns And Ammo: Bible of Guns Description

This application is a database of thousands of weapons with full reviews and photos with informations and data sheets of PISTOLS , REVOLVERS, SHOTGUNS, GRENADE LAUNCHERS, ANTI TANK WEAPONS, ANY TYPE OF RIFLES (MILITARY, ASSAULT,CIVILIAN,SNIPER.MIX ECC..), MACHINE GUNS, SUB-MACHINE GUNS AND AMMUNITION!In addition there are tools for converting units of measure commonly used in the world of arms.Weapons are divided into:-Pistols
-Rifles (Assault, Military, Civilian, Sniper, Mix)
-Machine Guns
-Sub-Machine Guns
-Grenade Launchers
-AmmunitionFor each weapon are available data sheets and pictures.
A data sheet includes information on:-Manufacturing (manufacturer, country, MSRP, etc. ..)
-Ballistic (size, capacity, etc. ..)
-Dimensions (frame, weight, barrel, etc. ..)
-Description (reviews, comments, anecdotes, etc. ..)Each weapon is accompanied by a picture of very good quality.
Photos can be downloaded from the download section.
After downloading the photos you can access the gallery section:
Here you can watch and browse thousands of pictures of weapons divided into several sections.
Clicking on each photo, you can view it in a larger size and have access to the data sheet.For each gun you will find also a wikipedia link page and a youtube video link!  The application also contains an ammo section:-Pistol / SMG ammo
-Revolver ammo
-Assault rifle ammo
-Rifle / MG ammo
-Large caliber ammo
-Shotgun ammo
-Russian special ammoFor each type of ammunition are available information such designation, manufacturer, muzzle velocity, muzzle energy, weight, description, penetration, comments, variants ecc..
The application also includes a converter unit for:
grams, pounds, ounces, kilograms, inches, millimeters.There are also a search section to easily find any weapon and a favorites section for quick access to your favorite weapons.The application is compatible with all devices (phones and tablets) and all android versions but for a smooth experience, due to the large database, a fairly good ram is recommended.For any problems, bugs, or questions please contact us at
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