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Oct 23, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 89183

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Guitar : Solo Lite


Guitar : Solo Lite Description

Get Solo, Android's most popular phone guitar and start jamming wherever you are

With Solo you can play to your favourite songs, or create some of your own...

It's ideal for jamming sessions when you don't have your guitar with you, or an excellent reference for when you do!

This is a free demo version and includes:
* Great, authentic sounding acoustic guitar
* The same huge chord library available in the full version
* Create and load custom chord layouts
* Uses Immersion’s MOTIV haptic effects for advanced haptic feedback
* Many settings to customize to your playing style
* Great for S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note

Also available in the full version:
* Classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitars, each with authentic sound
* A huge chord library with chord diagrams - hear and see how each chord is played.
* Create your own chords
* Play along to any music loaded on your phone
* Get chord and lyric overlays from the web - excellent for teaching yourself new songs to play
* Play with a capo to fit your vocal range
* Create, load and save chord layouts for your favourite songs
* Customize the UI to fit your playing style
* Use multitouch on supported devices

Recently Solo Lite has become ad supported (Don't hate me, even developers have to make a living :). For showing ads, the app requires a few extra permissions (these are in the Lite version only, the full version has no ads or extra permissions). Below is a description of required permissions:

INTERNET ACCESS - To check/download updates (for non-Market users), free upgrades via GetJar Rewards, ad on startup

VIEW NETWORK STATE - Solo checks if internet connection is up and enables/disables online features as appropriate

READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY - Only used to access the device ID. Solo does NOT access phone calls or other information apart from the device ID (needed to uniquely identify the device and earn gold to upgrade features)

The "Read phone state and identity" permission doesn't give devs access to passwords or other personal identity information. The only id obtained from this is the phone's IMEI number, which is a unique serial number tied to every device with a sim card. Knowing this number does not give devs access to any personal information, it only provides a way for us to reliably distinguish between different devices.

STORAGE - Used to backup/restore chords on the SD Card

VIBRATE - For string vibrations and haptic feedback (optional)

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Fun toy, but refuses to uninstallI've plinked the Guitar Solo Lite app for some time, but now that i need more space on my phone, i need to remove it. I've tried to remove it both from the web interface and from my phone but it just refuses to uninstall. This scares me. If i can get the app to actually uninstall, i will happily re-instate my previous four stars.
Its coolEverything is alright except that you have to download apps to get more stuff for your guitar
Stoped WorkingIt was good till i failed to open

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