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Sep 30, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 60429

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GSN Casino FREE Slots & Bingo


GSN Casino FREE Slots & Bingo Description

Better brush up on your victory dance, cause it’s about to go public. Download the GSN Casino app and enjoy hitting the jackpot wherever, whenever.

• Wheel of Fortune® Slots: Watch the reels spin and match the iconic Wheel, Wedges, Wild Cards, Prize Envelopes and more. Grab a good seat – you’re going to spend a lot of time on the edge of it.

• Video Bingo: Play up to three cards and you’ll be shouting “BINGO!” B4 you know it (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

• NEW! Classic 777 Slots: Bright lights and big jackpots – it’s the complete Vegas experience. Score a Triple WILD to multiply your winnings!

• Outlaw Video Poker: Place your bet, deal yourself in and make out like a bandit. Don’t worry, no shootouts.

• High Stakes Blackjack: Place your bets and play one to three hands against the dealer. Did you know Napoleon loved blackjack? It’s true. And he’s missing out big time right now.

• Deuces Wild: Strategy is key in this video poker favorite – but a little luck goes a long way too.

• Pirate’s Fortune Slots: Plunder like a pirate, minus the scurvy. Hit the high seas and score a treasure trove of Tokens when you match swords, spyglasses and more!

• Undersea Treasure Slots: Got your flippers on? Good, you won’t need those ridiculous things anyway. Rack up Tokens with this underwater-themed slot machine!

• Tiki Island Slots: Pour yourself a cold drink and don’t forget the cocktail umbrella. Spin three gems to get a Gem Bonus! Not sure what a Gem Bonus is? Trust us, you’d love one.

Want 12,500 Tokens? Log in and get started! Every day that you use the GSN Casino app, you’ll receive a login bonus. You can even score Oodles, which are redeemable for prizes, sweepstakes entries and more at the Prize Center!

Log in with your username and password from or from the Games by GSN app on Facebook to share your Tokens balance between the mobile app and the account you logged in with.

In these games you win and lose Tokens, GSN’s version of casino chips. They can’t be redeemed for cash, but you’ll enjoy [virtually] rolling in them just as much.

Join the millions already playing GSN Casino and check out our other games on Facebook, and And, for non-stop game show action, there’s GSN TV!

Questions? Email us at

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Latest UpdateYesterday you guys made an update, and it appears like there are some bugs in it. Because with my Tiki games today, all of my games wouldn't register as the spins were going, and other things are going on with the app which are kind of weird. All in all, I love the app. This is my go-to app for games, and winning tokens. Love it!
This friggin game sucksDO NOT BUY ANY TOKENS FROM THESE PEOPLE. you just can't win at this game. Play it on line and it screes you token wise because it malfunction and adding tokens is all over the board. I complained after it stole over one hundred thousand tokens from me, so i don't play online anymore cause they wont fix it. Mobile playing you just cant win. Tried buying tokens i lose and fast betting very little. Tried using free tokens same result. Too bad cause i like it
GreatLove the bingo. Wish it had more then just bingo and slots but a great time waster

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