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Dec 18, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 2.7
Rating: 286

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Governor of Poker


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Everyone loved Governor of Poker on the iPhone and now you can play it on your Android phone too! Set in a wild wild west theme, the more poker hands, cash games and tournaments you win, the greater your ability to purchase property and increase your reputation in town. The better your reputation, the more games you are invited to play. Buy houses, move from town to town and win city by city against a kooky cast of players. Place your bets and go all-in to win cash, property, fame and the title of Governor! In Governor of Poker you can really make it, and when you make it, you make it BIG! - Tournament and cash games
- 13 cities Texan cities to win over
- Tournaments of different sizes
- Sophisticated AI
- Different male and female opponent player styles
- Beautiful 3D rendered graphics
Keywords: poker, casino, gaming, cards, texas hold'em, solitaire, gambling, jackpot, texas, roulette, blackjack

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Great game but closes!!This an amazing game but the let down is that I have tried to play 4 games, as soon as I get into them. It closes I havnt finished one game and i won't think i will until there is an update to fix this bug!
Should have listened to reviewsThis program is nothing like the pc version. It has major software bugs too. Two major ones are incorrectly calculating your winnings (aka you don't get the all the money you won) and the fact that because the AI controlled players bet only in increments, AI players will frequently go all-in on a hand they have nothing on, simply because one is betting in intervals of 6 and the other is in 4s and they never call each other. I would buy something else or save my money!
bad on gal s2wont pass loading screen i want a refund (reported this as it has ripped to many people look at the bottom off the screen in down load manu and report this app) fix this problem or this will be taken higher as fraud i expect a reply from the supplyer asap or expect to be served

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