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Mar 26, 2011
2.2 and up
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Golf Pro To Go


Golf Pro To Go Description

Golf Pro To Go is an app designed to accompany you on the golf course. It is essentially a pre-shot mental checklist. The app offers advice on how to achieve successful golf shots in various playing conditions. Golf Pro To Go will provide PGA suggestions based on course conditions and the type of shot you are facing. If you can spare 30 seconds between shots, this app will help lower your scores. It is like having a PGA professional with you on the golf course.

While you are out on the course discovering different playing conditions, you may realize that you need to improve certain shots. The Save Shot feature allows you to save a shot and come back to it for review after your round. If you realize you don't know how to play a shot, you can get information on the “how to” by sending the shot summary using your phone's email feature.

Have you ever hit a golf shot and tried to figure out why the ball checked up? Or why the ball sailed over the green, only to discover why after the shot? Golf Pro to go will give you the advice you need BEFORE the shot. Golf GPS apps will tell you the distance to the hole but not how to play the shot.

Everyone always talks about your pre-shot routine for alignment, but no one ever has a mental pre-shot routine. Until now.

Tee shot strategy
Target conditions strategy
Approach shot strategy
Chip shot strategy
Pitch shot strategy
Sand shot strategy
Save shot for practice or help
Easy to use
PGA professional Suggestions

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June 16, 2011
This app is the only app of its kind out there. There are tons of gps and instructional apps, but this is the only one that helps with course management. I didn't use it for everyshot, but after a while I learned the system and was able to use it without using it, if that makes sense. Definitely worth a buck. I'm not sure if it was the app or the first time with my new TM irons, but I shot 2 shots better than my previous low round. 

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