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Apr 14, 2012
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Geek Reader was made to as a university work, but now i also decided to share it on Google Play as an Alpha project that will have a lot of Updates and graphics improved, because it is an project in progress. If you don't belive that my project will reach a good satisfaction just check every day my blog and check out my progress.----------------------------------------Let's talk about my project:Function:Geek Reader it's not just another Reader as you can see, you have to believe me that Geek Reader was made to be the fastest reader ever. It's not an magazine app, and it's not just a browser, it's a fusion, you don't have to wait the browser load, but you too don't have to wait the magazine load, it's fastest than google currents and fastest than a browser.----------------------------------------Interface:It's just simple, you don't have to tap a lot of times as you do in another product, you don't have to know about Apps, and Smartphones, kids can use it as old persons. As you know my project is in Alpha Stage so i'm trying to do the logic part and after the graphic part.----------------------------------------To do list:
- New Interface with Icecream Sandwich based style.
- built-in browser. (you don't have to switch anymore to a browser)
- Less buttons, more fast and intuitive.
- voice search and add.
- Widget support.
- Social integration.
- Built-in notes supports.----------------------------------------Issues:If you find some ISSUE can you please send me and email so i can fix that as fast as possible.Why Paid?:It's my job! No one want Ads on apps, so i'm providing a good reader for VERY low price and Ad-free as you can see.

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