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Jul 10, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.1
Rating: 28

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Gay Kamasutra


Gay Kamasutra Description

The most comprehensive sex position guide for homosexual men on the app store! YOU'D BE MAD TO BUY ANY OTHER GAY SEX APP! Tons of gay positions for you to try out! THIS APP includes the following features:- Features:
-Over 100 Sex Position Reference Images & Instructions
-Favourites List
-Sex Experience Tracking
-Sex Game
-Sex Dice
-Ambient Mood Videos
-Sex Facts
-Love Quotes
Warning - Adults Only! Extremely Hot material!Want to improve your sexual prowess?
The app includes a progress tracking system that allows you to check off positions that you have tried. Each category is individually tracked to allow you to ensure your love life is kept as varied as you like. Do you have what it takes to perform them all and become a Sex God?
Get educated!
The “Quotes” section of the app includes THOUSANDS of sex facts, tips, and famous love quotes from throughout the ages!Mix it up!
Not sure what position you want to try? Let Gay Kama Sutra decide for you! Hit the random button to randomly select one of the positions.Planning a night of passion?
We have also included a custom “To Do” list that lets you store positions you’d like to try for later.Love a position?
Add it to your favorites list, which is a fully customisable section of the app that lets you store all of your favorite positions.Want to set the mood?
The app includes ambient videos that can be played to help setup the perfect environment for a night of intimate positioning…Want to really spice things up?
We’ve included a fully customisable Sex Dice application. Add an action and a body part and roll the dice to start the fun! Get Protected
The app includes incredibly secure password lock functionality. Create a login and password to keep the content away from prying eyes.Planning a party?
There’s even a Sex Position Game included! Add a series of people and let the party start, as the app generates a position for two random people to try out! NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!So if you’re looking for the ultimate sexual companion, then look no further!Warning - Adults Only! Extremely Hot material!dating,adult,kama,sex,sutra,kamasutra,karma,positions,guide,love,cosmo,lover,cosmopolitan

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Seriously???Are you serious??? The illustrations can't even be classified as CARTOON! What a waste of money! Uninstall!
Not worth the 99cents 
Not good 

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