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Jun 07, 2013
2.2 and up
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Game Collection Tracker Pro


Game Collection Tracker Pro Description

VG Collection Tracker is an advanced video game organizer app, designed for smartphones (not yet for tablets). It lets you view your games offline on the go or check which games you have when shopping, so you don't buy the same game twice.PRO FEATURES:
★ You can specifiy the game title, the platform, the genre(s), the version, the year of release, the price, the currency of the price, your rating, the amount of hours spent, the amount of times you completed the game, your notes and an image from the SD card, from camera or the internet;
★ Export and import your games in CSV format to view in any spreadsheet program (e.g. Notepad, MS Excel);
★ Export and import database file;
★ Searchbar to filter your games;
★ Add, edit or delete genres, platforms and versions;
★ Statistics (e.g. average rating, number of games per platform,...)
★ Very customizable settings;
★ Swipe function when viewing game to go to the next - or previous game;
★ Barcode scanner support - scan the barcode of your game or type just type it;
★ Wish List
★ View your games in a gridview
If you have suggestions or found a bug/error in the app, feel free to send me email. I will respond as quickly as possible.(WARNING: This app does not download any games, nor does it let you play any games. )tags: vg collection tracker collect games video game videogames tracker track organize organizer organise manage manager list game list gameslist gamelist list of games video game tracker pro

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