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Dec 01, 2011
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 53

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Gallery Refresh


Gallery Refresh Description

This app refreshes thumbnails in gallery and other media applications for pictures, movies, music and other media files.
Please check youtube URL for this app:

Gallery will then pickup new images, videos etc., this also removes any stale thumbnails.

With this app you can refresh the media any time you want with the click of a button.
Simple handy tool to keep thumbnails in sync with what is there on the sdcard.

It refreshes
Images, pictures of any supported format png, jpg, gif etc.,
Videos mp4, mov etc.,
Music mp3 and other supported formats

Force refresh gallerry thumbnails any time and rescan the media.

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Google Play Comments

シェド スラシュ
Does what the name states.I was looking for a simple, straightforward way to refresh the Gallery on my Xperia Active. This app did it with flying colors.
it didn't work for me ..But then, maybe I had a different kind of issue. I don't have where pictures were showing that werent there, I had to where thumbnails displayed were for different videos and pictures then they really were. Thankfully I had a backed up cause, simce as far as I know, there was no other app out there that would get the job done.. I had to delete them all out from within the gallery and reinstall the manual back in the phone. This definitely indicates either, this need to fix or there has to be a better ap
Everyone needs thisPretty much every android user will have seen something they couldn't explain and ignored it that could be solved by this app. I suppose a 1x1 widget would make the app better. but it's good nonetheless.

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