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May 29, 2013
2.2 and up
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GA DEAD TOURS (PRO) Description

★★★ Are You a Fan of AMC's Hit TV Show: "THE WALKING DEAD"? Go Behind The Scenes and Visit over 50 REAL Filming Locations on our Originally Created Guided Tour of the Senoia, GA and Surrounding Areas! Visit Woodbury Yourself and also see areas around the Prison, Farm House and even the Old Mill. GA DEAD TOURS(tm) presents the first DO-IT-YOURSELF Mobile Tour App! The app will guide you turn by turn to some of the best filming locations in the area. You can start your road trip from any point on our custom tour. Easily Access any of our custom tour maps and city maps. Also easily use your phone camera or navigation from inside the app. When you complete the tour easily share your adventure with your Facebook friends and if you run into any Zombies on the tour, as an Extra: Shoot Your Mobile Phone Gun to put them down! Be Safe and Have a Great Road Trip! App Overview/Directions:
- Turn On App, Take a Picture of Your Tour Group Before You Start The Guided Tour.
- Choose a Starting Point (We Recommend I-75 Exit 205 or Griffin, GA)
- Easily Click the NEXT >> To See The Next Locations: (Exclusive) Pictures, Directions & Fact Sheet.
- Follow Our Originally Created Guided Tour To See The Best Filming Locations One By One.
- At Any Point: Use the Bottom Menu To Access App Menu, Camera. Navigation, Maps or Minimize
- Navigation Icon: Will Start Your Phone Nav', Defaults to Senoia, GA - Click Nav' Menu To Set Other Destination.
- App Menu: See Maps, Finish Tour, Choose New Location, Full Locations List, Exit App, About App and More.
- Finish Tour and Easily Share Your Tour Group Picture with All Your Facebook Friends.
- Extra: Shoot Zombies With Your Mobile Phone Gun for Fun! (sound effect) GA DEAD TOURS: This Mobile App / Guided Tour, Covers The Best Filming Locations in Senoia, GA and Surrounding Areas. This App has over 35 Behind The Scenes Location Photos Built In. A Photo of Each Location Taken By Our self on our Guided Tour with Directions and Fact Sheet Notes. So Download Now and Take a Road Trip or just See them today right from the comfort of your mobile phone. Updates: This App is Updated Up to April 2013 Filming Locations. Version: (PRO) No Ads - Updated Regularly
Coming Soon: GA DEAD TOURS "ATLANTA" for more: or visit our official facebook. Have A Question? Email Us!
Note: GA DEAD TOURS is a Originally Created Guided Tour / App of Filming Locations in the Senoia, GA Area, We are at NO time affiliated with AMC's "THE WALKING DEAD" Brand and Any Mentions of their Title or Names, is Strictly for Reference and or Fact Commentary Use Only. Before Downloading Please Read All Terms (on terms page) for this Mobile Application.

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