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Mar 12, 2013
2.1 and up
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Friends For Minecraft


Friends For Minecraft Description

FriendsForMinecraft is the ONLY service that makes it easy to find when your Minecraft friends are online and share cool places with images, best servers, cool places, etc.This paid version of Friends4MC removes ads!- Find out what Minecraft servers your friends are playing on.
- Share Minecraft screenshots with your friends
- Find out the best Minecraft servers to play on
- Send messages to Minecraft friends no matter what server they are playing on
- See when your friends are online
- Vote on the best servers, worlds and imagesYou can use the Friends4MC iPhone app stand alone to create your own FriendsForMinecraft account and adding your Minecraft friends, seeing when they are online, see what servers they are on and even vote and comment on the best Minecraft images. You can also download the companion FREE FriendsForMinecraft Mac/PC Minecraft client mod which allows you to use all of the FriendsForMinecraft features while playing Minecraft! When installed, the FriendsForMinecraft client mod is fully integrated with Minecraft so you can easily join your friends on servers and chat with them across servers at any time. You can also browse newly discovered servers, trending servers, most popular servers, most visited servers, etc... and just one-click join. See for a complete tour of the FriendsForMinecraft service and all of the available ways we give you to find your friends on Minecraft, see when they are online and what servers they are on, chat with them at any time, share images and MUCH more!

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