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Jan 25, 2013
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Free Racing Poker


Free Racing Poker Description

Free Racing Poker is an extreme sports racing virtual solitaire poker game that brings fans, athletes and corporate sponsors/advertiser together for a win-win opportunity. Free Racing Poker will be starting with Fans, Athletes and Corporate Marketing in 3 specific extreme racing sporting events Monster Energy Supercross(, Lucas Oil Outdoor Motocross( )(, Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series( Free Racing Poker uses the athletes in a fantasy league style to create a poker game on a 5 line by 5 line grid by creating cards based on their finishes in qualifying, heat Races, and main events 1. Rider with 1st Ranking will get All Ace
2. Rider with 2nd Ranking will get All King
3. Rider with 3rd Ranking will get All Queen
4. Rider with 4th Ranking will get All Jack
5. Riders with Ranking 5-10 will get card 10
6. Riders with Ranking 11-15 will get card 9
7. Riders with Ranking 16-20 will get card 8
8. Riders with Ranking 21-24 will get card 7
9. Riders with Ranking 25-30 will get card 6
10. Riders with Ranking 31-35 will get card 5
11. Riders with Ranking 36-40 will get card 4
12. Riders with Ranking 41-60 will get card 3
13. Riders with Ranking 61-80 will get card 2
See Screen shot for cards on grid based on athletes chosen by fan. The fan will sign into the Free Racing Poker app through login/register screen. The fan will pick the current event they want to play. They will then get to choose their favorite rider/driver from the screens provided using the rules of the game. They will confirm their riders/drivers. After rider/driver confirmation they will go to the get virtual chips from sponsors. Free Racing Poker gives the fan the first 800 chips and then they go to the 5 sponsor pages starting at High Rollers pick 4 sponsors, Platinum pick 2 sponsors, Gold pick 2 sponsors, Silver pick 2 sponsors, and Titanium pick 2 sponsors for a total of 12 sponsors for the event and 4200 virtual chips for a total of 5000 chips. Everyone plays with the same amount of chips and the game play is calculated at a chip multiplier of 5000 chips per line( 5 across, 5 down and 2 diagonally for a total of 12 games on the grid) the 5000 chips are multiplied by a pre determined number based on the poker hand rules( pair through royal flush). Once the game play is finished the virtual chips are totaled and these create an account in the website ( The virtual chips become a leader board game for the player and are available to be used in the virtual chip loyalty shop for goods, services and sweepstakes giveaways. The fan can purchase additional chips on the website to purchase goods and services if they don’t have available chips in their chip bank account.

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