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Nov 15, 2012
2.1 - 4.0.3
Avg. score: 2.6
Rating: 5

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Flash Browser (Ad Free)


Flash Browser (Ad Free) Description

This is the ad-free version of Flash Browser.Watch and download web videos and music with this
new private web browser. Flash Browser is media friendly.Features:*View And Save Videos To Private File Manager
*Option To Play Or Download Audio Files
*Encrypt / Decrypt Files
*Password Protect The App
*Unlimited Windows and Quick Launch Sites
*Hide Media From Gallery
*Guest Mode (No history, bookmarks, auto-complete)
*Mobile or Desktop User-Agent
*Full-Screen Option
*Basic Unzip Support
*Hardware Acceleration Supported
*Private Browsing And Downloads
*Multi-Threaded DownloadingUnique Stuff:Flash Browser is a media-centric browser!
This makes browsing the web much more
entertaining. When you touch a flash or
html5 video, controls will pop up at the
bottom of the screen, allowing you to
play or download the video. The same goes
for your favorite mp3's. Preview files
before you download them! We also include a unique generic method
for older devices to allow you to play and
download videos, even if your phone does
not support flash. This generic method uses
advanced techniques to locate the source
video behind a flash player. It does not
work on proprietary websites with their
own customized methods, but works out of the
box for video sites that run default flash
players like JW Player, Flow Player, etc.It analyzes the page, flash player variables
and xml files, and even decrypts basic json
and obfuscation techniques to find the source
video. Flash Browser does not work on all devices. Let
us know with in-app feedback if you have issues. Requirements:*Android 2.1 +
*A 3rd Party Video Player. We highly recommend MX Player.
*SD Card, Free Space for Video DownloadsIssues:
*Android 2.1 and 2.2 are limited to Adobe Flash Player 10.
*Video playback quality is based on connection speed, the video player
(get MX Player), and your device processor. The browser itself has no
effect on video quality or performance. Permissions:
*INTERNET: download files
*LOCATION: serve ads
*WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: save filesHelp Us Make This App Better!
Please report any issues, feature requests or crashes in the menu under
Video Downloader, Save Videos, Private Browser, Dolphin Browser, Opera Browser, UC Browser,
File Encryption, Hide My Files, Play Flash Videos, Flash Player, mp3 downloader, save music, web browser, mobile browser, wap browser, android browser, browser for android, fast browser, best browser, music downloader

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