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Oct 08, 2012
1.6 and up
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FIT Radio Free Workout Music


FIT Radio Free Workout Music Description

DJ-Engineered Music of all Genres Designed to
Push Play & Go!

FIT Radio: The only fitness app that provides you with non-stop, high energy workout music to motivate your workout. Just press play and go!

FIT Radio is a web and mobile application that streams DJ-engineered music of all genres designed to AMP YOUR WORKOUT! Download the free app and let our DJs do the work for you. FIT Radio provides nonstop, on demand, professional mixed music right to your fingertips. Just Push Play and Go!

Pumping nonstop and original mixes of Top 40, Hip Hop, Rock, House, Indie, Dub Step (and more), FIT Radio is a must for the gym, for the car, and for the party!

With the FIT Radio app, you get:
• Custom mixes made and powered by the hottest DJs in the country
• Nonstop and highly energized music aimed to get you going and keep you moving
• Music that NEVER stops for annoying intrusive ads (unlike other music providers)
• Professional compositions with steady BPM and seamless transitions between songs
• An easy-to-use and fun music app that you can control based on your likes and preferences
• The opportunity to share your favorite mixes and DJs with friends using social networking sites

Due to FIT Radio’s professionally produced mixes, high quality sound, musical variety, and simple usability, FIT Radio was nominated as one of the Top 7 Music Apps in World by readers and voters of Mashable for 2011. Download the free app now to see why so many others claim that FIT Radio is the best way to enjoy music on your Android. FIT Radio is the perfect way to end the search for high-energy music once and for all. Don’t be the last Party Rocker on your block to download the app; after all, everyone is doing it!

FIT Radio: AMP YOUR WORKOUT...and your lifestyle!

“Mashable!” says, “FIT Radio’s mission is a Pandora for gym rats…”

“P90X”s Chelene Johson calls it a “Game changer!”
I love using FIT Radio with my other favorite workout apps: “Nike”, “Women’s Health”, “Men’s Health”, and “MapMyRun”

This workout music app provides the best “free workout music” for my workout no matter what I’m doing: walking, jogging, biking, running, weight training, cardio, muscle building, abs, weight loss routines, recreational activities, cross training, “CrossFit”, Body Building, etc.

FIT Radio plays all my favorite music, like: top 40, hip hop, rock, house, indie, dubstep, alternative rock, country, “party”, electronic dance music (edm), electro house, trance, indie dance, house, hard rock, classic rock, indie rock, 80s, 90s, lounge, etc. I choose it over “mix cloud”, “sound cloud”, “Pandora”, “spotify”, “”, “internet radio”, “”, “mixmeister”, “scratch”, “rdio”, “mog”, “iheart radio”, “”, “shazam”, “slacker”, and all the other “streaming music apps”.

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Neal Rainer
Faveamazing app!!! keeps me running longer and enjoy the exercise! i really would give it 5 but i cant fave any from my samsung galaxy
More people need to hear about this appI am very new to the app but already impressed. I don't easily write reviews but this one definitely needs some support as it's superior than it already is known for. Great mixes. It's easy to find a station that exactly plays your type of music.
Awesome App!45 min workout listening 2 electrodance on my xtrainer didn't feel like long enough! I love fitradio, about 2 become a gymjunkie in my own home! Keep it free.

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