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Dec 22, 2011
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FirstClass Mobile


FirstClass Mobile Description

FirstClass is a fully integrated suite of applications designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within education and corporate environments. FirstClass takes communication capabilities well beyond standard solutions by integrating a powerful set of features and applications for online collaboration, learning, content sharing, publishing, and social communities.

With FirstClass Mobile, Android device users can access their FirstClass Communities site and:
• Manage their email messages in their account.
• Create new communities, and invite others to join them.
• Make, read, reply to, and monitor posts in communities.
• View shared images, text, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files.
• Upload photos to a community’s document area.
• Create, view, and update community wikis.
• Search for content, people, and communities.
• Manage their personal profile and My People list.
• Update their status message.
• Tell at a glance the status of persons they are following.
• Add personal blog entries and view others' blogs.

System Prerequisites

The FirstClass Mobile application requires that you have an active account with mobile access privileges enabled, on a FirstClass 11.0 or later based server. You must login to your server's FirstClass Communities (formerly known as Social Workplace) URL. Important: this URL will be a different address from the one you use for your PC/Mac desktop client or regular web client. If you do not know your FirstClass Communities URL, please contact your system administrator.

Watch this video to quickly learn how to setup FirstClass Mobile:

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Google Play Comments

AcceptableOur local FC administrator confirmed that the SERVER NAME for Android devices IS DIFFERENT than the server name for the standard desktop/laptop client. Once I got that straight, the I/O error disappeared and login was simple. App works smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but the notable absence of Calendar, Contacts and Instant Messaging is both puzzling and frustrating. Would rate higher with those features.
Works great!This app works great on my thunderbolt. I contacted our IT department and got the server info from them and didn't have any problems with it working.
Terrible need v11 server and some special linkWont work since your school/ business needs to be on server version 11 and then have some social media thing set up. Not sure what was wrong with the regular email link but they decided to change it.

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