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May 04, 2013
2.2 and up
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First to Second Grade Math Kit


First to Second Grade Math Kit Description

Maths/Mathematics App or game for first and second grade smart kids in the form of edutainment.
Researched working with eminent educational personalities and various text books to develop right concepts and context.
Activities in this App are the ones your child should be knowing and doing by grade first, second
It encourages and follows a Montessori teaching method by providing visual and spatial learning.
The focus is on delivering basic maths concepts, make it a little fun, soothing music to concentrate. It goes beyond regular teaching and helps the child to apply the concepts of addition, multiplication and tables.
This app does not require parents assistance.Provides encouragement like a teacher/parent, right answers, and engages them without asking them to sit to learn but leading them to learn on their own.Activities include applying concept of addition/subtraction, number crunching, fast logic, times tables and go beyond finger counting. Stimulates critical thinking and above all develop mathematical reasoning. It is a balanced mix of contents where child explores maths concepts along with having fun.For ex- Addition could be taught simply as 5+3 = ? or you can ask what makes 8 from 2 numbers.
Similarly, have a mix of addition and subtraction together in 3 numbers.Includes Missing numbers, Addition of more than two numbers, applying multiple concepts together, Times tables/multiplication, Unique dynamic Word problems.And on top of that the concepts are applied when you engage in word problems.
And If Math is made easy and fun as this, kids, our little geniuses will love doing it on own and grow confident and acquire basic arithmetic skill. This app is a smartbook and mathfun trainer for kindergarden smart geniuses.

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