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May 11, 2013
2.3 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 162

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Final Freeway 2R


Final Freeway 2R Description

Speed through several exciting stages. Pick a character and choose your path as you drive!
The impressive sense of speed, catchy tunes and a super-retro look, will kick you back to the 80s! Beat the clock to the next checkpoint and don't let the pesky challenger beat you!FEATURES- Old-school arcade racing through 14 stages
- Real-time road splits (choose as you go)
- 3 selectable characters: Jess, Rico and Kate
- Beat your racing rival for extra awards
- Crash sequences (watch out for that tree!)
- 3 fantastic pop-rock tunes (80s are here to stay!)
- 6 control types, accelerometer or touch steering
- MOGA controller support
- 3 difficulty levels: Beginner, Normal and ExpertNEW! This game is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major US retailers and online at"Oyatsukai has made a lovely work with the retro 16-bit graphics, music and atmosphere, releasing a wonderful retro style game." - Android Zoom"I just can’t believe how hooked I’ve been on it since it came out." - Touch Arcade"A pitch-perfect blend of retro nostalgia and blistering, hair-flapping arcade racing." - Pocket Gamer"Final Freeway 2R is a treat." - Smartphone App Review

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Google Play Comments

Great game.The first Final Freeway was an excellent retro driving game and thus is also superb. Different style to the first keeps things fresh too. Well worth a purchase.
Sharp 104shVery good outrun clone which is actually more fun! Shame about the art style. Much preferred the art style of the first game.
No frills, no flawsAn unpretentious and beautifully executed OutRun clone. Simple, quick fun. Tilt steering controls work well - haven't had to try the on-screen wheel and don't feel the need to. Horizontal alignment toggle is a nice option. Just challenging enough to be entertaining but never frustrating. I completely disagree with the people complaining about the graphics compared to the other version of Final Freeway. I was turned off of Final Freeway by the photo-collage art style. Final Freeway 2R's retro pixel graphics hit the nostalgia spot just right. The music also sets the mood perfectly. The game could use a few more options, I suppose (different vehicles ala OutRunners to go with the different characters would be nice). But asking for more is being greedy. What's there is great for a buck.

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