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Jan 03, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.7
Rating: 40

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File Transfer Free


File Transfer Free Description

Easily transfer video clips, pictures, music, and other large files from Android device to an e-mail address in as little as two clicks.

With this application you can:
- Browse your SD card files and folders,
- Pick a recipient from your Android contacts,
- Send a photo or a video directly from the Gallery to your recipient.

The app utilizes the free Email Large File web service to deliver large files in the matter of minutes.

How it all works:
- the selected file gets uploaded to the server, and the link is e-mailed to your recipient.
- you get a notification when the file link is e-mailed, and when your recipient downloads your file.

Files uploaded from Android devices stay available on for 7 days.

The Free version of the application allows you to upload up to 150Mb of data per day. We are upgrading our servers and this limit will be lifted shortly.

Important: please verify with your phone/internet service provider for any data transfer charges or limitations.

With any questions or suggestions, please contact us at

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Google Play Comments

Big D
Great!This is a great app! I wish the limit was lifted though. The description says it will be lifted shortly, after the servers are upgraded, but when will that be?
Doni Ray
Beats every file sharing app hands downI've tried you send it ( which ous limited to 50 mb and requires signing up and slows my phone down) and other file sharing programs and this is so easy to use even a banana can do it. You can send 150 mb per day and it's free can't beat that. Hope it stays free forever
Pretty goodAs long as you have a good connection, this app will download and send your file to any email address :)

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