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Mar 19, 2013
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 2475

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FetLife for Android


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KNOWN ISSUE: Failure to store login credentials across device reboot is due to an Android bug affecting all paid apps using the AccountManager in Jelly Bean. There is nothing we can do at this time, short of publishing another app.FetLife for Android(TM) is the social app for all your FetLife needs--one of the top paid social apps on the Android Market! Please let us know if you have any problems. Note that this app makes heavy use of swiping to scroll between tabs, like the Android home screen, so if you see the little red tab indicator at the bottom, give it a try!Note: FetLife account required for login.
Note the second: PLEASE if you have login issues with this app, email us! We're trying to figure out why this happens and fix it!**DO NOT PAY FOR AN UPGRADE** This is a Google Play problem. Make sure you are signed into the account that purchased the app the first time. Press the menu button and select accounts to change your account.For updates, technical support, and to give feedback or ask questions, please join our FetLife group. Press the "?" on the main page, then press menu -> join group.What can it do?
* Most of what you can in a browser, including view your feed, profiles, pictures, discussions, and writings, only formatted for an Android device
* View and comment on discussions, photos, and writings
* View videos in the native player
* Edit your profile on the go
* Notify you of new messages, friend requests, and @s using the status bar
* RSVP to events
* Upload photos
* View your feed in a widget
* Sync your FetLife contacts to your address book (if you have a non-MOTOBLUR phone or Android 2.3+)
* Much more! More coming soon; we update frequently.If it doesn't do something and you'd like it to, click on the "developer's web page" link below and submit a feature request.If something's broken, start a discussion there, or send us an email. We pride ourselves on quick response time. Also please note that while we're happy to try to assist with Google Market problems, they are largely out of our control.Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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Awesome App!I've had this app for almost 2 years now,its awesome! The updates are well thought out. I only regret I have to get an iPhone for work, and won't be able to use it on my new phone!
Chi Chi
I loved this app!But for some reason I can't log in. It's requiring the new "human" verification but it won't let me in... I've tried SEVERAL times over the past 24hrs and nada... I can log in on my laptop just fine. Please fix
Good app, kills batteryNo problems with the app, but since installation the battery has been draining much faster from the background processes

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