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Nov 01, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.4
Rating: 850

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FC2 Blog


FC2 Blog Description

FC2 Blog introduces new Android App! Create, edit and upload images with ease!

Update your Blog on the Go! Edit Pictures and Create your own Photo Blog or Diary!

With FC2 Blog you can quickly and easily take a photo, edit it how you want, and post it to your blog. Or simply write down what you're thinking and want to share with the world!
Create a diary blog for your child or pet, create photo albums for your vacations or create a fashion blog or other blog about your hobbies and/or interests!

【Major Features】
■ Feature 1 : No need to login every time you want to update your blog!
Once you have setup your blog you will be able to update your blog simply by opening the app.
If you have multiple accounts, you can also switch between them easily.

■ Feature 2 : Take photos and edit them on the spot!
Touch up or totally revamp photos as you take them, and then upload them directly to your blog!
You can use the "Stamp" feature to bring life to your photo (or hide something), or use one of the many available "Filters" to change your photos color.

Use these tools to improve your photos and post them to your blog!
This can be used for a varied number of reasons. Spruce up pictures of your pet, fashionable shopping goods or other interests and hobbies.

■ Feature 3 : FC2 Blog's Essential Features are all here!
Anybody who has used the PC or Mobile version of FC2 Blog will already know the power that FC2 Blog gives you!
Use FC2 Blog even easier than before using your Smartphone!

- Post Blog Articles (Postscripts, Reserved Posting, Emoticons)
- Image Editing, Uploading (From the Article Editing Screen)
- View your Blog, Post to Twitter
- Manage Previous Articles (Edit, Delete)
- Manage Comments (Allow, Delete, Report Spam
- Manage Trackback (Allow, Delete)
- Check your Ranking, Read other Blogs
- Contact Support Staff Directly.

Many of the features available to PC and Mobile users are also available and easy to use!

■ Feature 4 : Use even greater features features from your Smartphone!
The FC2 Blog App gives users access to more than simple conventional features.

- Simultaneously Access Multiple Accounts
- Various Screen Sizes, Landscape & Portrait Views Supported
- SD Card Installation Supported SD (Android2.2 or Higher)
- HTML Tag & Emoticon Suggestion Assistance
- Full Access to Previous Articles, Comments, Trackback
- Link to Facebook/Twitter
- Image Resize/Rotation Tools
- Image Improvement Tools (Stamps/Pens/Filters*)
- Sharing from Other Apps (Acquire Text/Images from other Apps)
- Display Recommended Blogs

* Please note that some devices may not support some filters. We ask for your understanding.

【Recommended Users】
- Anyone who enjoys writing blogs or diaries.
- Anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time setting up a blog.
- Anyone who wants to create a photo blog and edit and improve pictures.
- Anyone who wants to create simple photo albums.
- Anyone thinking of creating a blog about their baby or raising a child.

If you have any questions please contact us from the following form.

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Google Play Comments

Like itSo far so good, so 5 star
Veve, Vero
goodits really good, easy, and helping me.. the reason im not giving you five stars is the features on the application is not as many as i thought ^^..but its good enough
too bad the only service available is can write entry?? if add more ...too bad the only service available is can write entry?? if add more services(tracking visitors + changin settings etc)will be great!

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