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Dec 18, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.9
Rating: 7

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Fashion Closet Accessorizer


Fashion Closet Accessorizer Description

Looking for that perfect pair of shoes? Will that handbag finish the outfit? Is this top match going to match my skirt? The Fashion Closet Accessorizer can put them together in a way for you to decide if its a perfect outfit or share the outfit with your friends to get a second opinion.Its the perfect Closet Organizer, Style Manager, Fashion Assistant & Shopping Companion. With the Fashion Closet Accessorizer, you can create the perfect ensemble or outfit by matching up to 6 items (shirts, pants, handbags, shoes, accessories) at once. Select today's outfit, create your ensemble, decide what to wear by mixing and matching outfits. When you are done, you can share with your friends. The app allows you to take pictures while shopping and instantly mix and match with your wardrobe.Isn't it time for you to get your Fashion Closet Accessorizer? Take the time to snap pictures of your favorite items in your closet at home. With your virtual closet with you at all times, you can pick the perfect outfit anytime and share with your friends. With your Virtual Closet in the Fashion Closet Accessorizer, you can:
- Take pictures of your clothes or while shopping (shirts, pants, handbags, shoes, accessories) and add them to your Android device
- Create the perfect ensemble or outfits for up to 6 Items or accessories (helps you match your clothes, jewelry, shoes and handbags)
- Create outfits, mix and matching clothing “In Real Time”, “On The Go” or “While Shopping”
- Share with friends the outfits or ensembles you like best and get real time opinions via Facebook.The Fashion Closet Accessorizer works best with phones with at least 512MB RAM as the pictures in your phone tend to be high resolution. You can avoid this problem by adjusting your settings to take lower resolution pictures.Fashion Closet

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