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Feb 22, 2012
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 20

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Famous Sci-Fi Sounds Ringtones


Famous Sci-Fi Sounds Ringtones Description

A collection of 30 very famous and instantly recognisable Sci-Fi sound clips, settable as either ringtone, notification or individual contact ringtone.All the classics.They make awesome ringtones/motifications and are instantly recognisable.HIGH QUALITY SOUND.FEATURES:* Set as phone ringtone* Set as phone notification* Set as individual contact ringtone - Once a theme has been set as either a ringtone or notification it will be available in the phone ringtone list so that it may be set as an individual contact ringtone.Press to play and long press to set as ringtone or notification.INCLUDED:* Bionic Man - Eye* Bionic Man - Jump* Bionic Man - Run* Cylon Eye* Dallek Exterminate* Dalek Gun* Fifites Spaceship* Kitt Scanner 1 (Knight Rider)* Kitt Scanner 2 (Knight Rider)* Light Saber 1* Light Saber 2* Light Saber 3* Light Saber 4* Light Saber 5* Sonic Screwdriver 1* Sonic Screwdriver 2* Space Odyssey - Beep* Space Odyssey - Radar* Space Odyssey - Woop* Star Trek Original - Phaser* Star Trek Original - Transporter* Star Trek Original - Transporter Pad* Star Trek Original - Door* Star Trek Next Gen - Door* Tardis 1* Tardis 2* Tardis 3* Tie Fighter* Transformer* War Of The Worlds - Heat Ray* War Of The Worlds - ProbeAny suggestions are welcome.Any problems please email for a fix.
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AverageGreat sound effects but NEEDS TO BE LOUDER because its useless as a ringtone unless you can hear a mouse fart
HTC Sensation 4g, for TMobile, ICS updated.I like the sounds this app has, but have found it doesn't work for the in app setting of sounds and notification setting. To set a sound as a ringtone or notification, I've found that you must set it as such in the app, but do this only once, because, when doing this it is just copying that sound file into the proper folder, each time. I ended up with several copies to select from, when I finally figured it out. You first must go to settings, personalization, sounds. There you can select more types.
Awesome.Great sounds to choose from. Works great.

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