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Aug 18, 2012
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 3.3
Rating: 71

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Fallout Theme Go Launcher Ex


Fallout Theme Go Launcher Ex Description

Fallout Theme for Go Launcher Ex
This will theme your phone into a postapocalyptic fallout wasteland.Does not work with 4.1 or higher, email me for a working version if you have 4.1.
* 260+ Custom icons
* 410 Green Pipboy icons
- 172 icons will be automatically applied
- The rest of these are available by long pressing the icon you want to change and selecting replace
* 20 Wallpapers
* 3 Appdrawer backgrounds
* Open world homescreen, Pipboy appdrawer, Pipboy folders, Pipboy Go launcher Menu
!!!! After installing DO NOT EXECUTE, exit all windows and apply it from the go menu > themes > installed > Fallout Theme !!!!
No harm done if you did press launch, but it will cost you some time.
You will get the best result using the following settings:
Visual settings -> Indicator -> Screen indicator "Hide indicator"
Screen settings -> Schow Dock "On"
App Drawer settings -> App drawer scrolling orientation "Vertical continuous"
App Drawer settings -> Show App drawer tab "on"
Effects settings -> Enter transition "TV"
Effects settings -> Vertical transition "Default"
Advanced settings -> High quality drawing "on"* This app requires Go Launcher Ex to work.
* After installing press OK and DO NOT EXECUTE
* If it crashes the first time using, restart go launcher.
* This is a 17.5MB download due to all the images.
* you can download extra wallpapers here (rar file):
* If you have requests considering this app or find any mistakes, send me an email or go to
1) Download Go Launcher Ex from google play
2) Install Go Launcher Ex and press "Launch"
3) Download the theme
4) Install the theme And PRESS "OKAY" (DO NOT EXECUTE, only go launcher ex can execute a theme)
5) Press the hardware button that shows the go launcher menu with the tabs "main, plugins, more"
6) On the "main" tab, press "themes"
7) Go to "Installed"
8) Select "Fallout Theme"
9) Press ApplyYou should now exit everything and you should see a significant change on your phone.New Background:
1) Press the hardware button that shows the go launcher menu with the tabs "main, plugins, more"
2) On the "main" tab, press "Wallpaper"
3) Press "Go Wallpaper"
4) Select 1 of the 20 new wallpapersNew Icon
1) Find an app that does not have a themed icon
2) Long press this icon
3) Select "Replace"
4) Choose 1 of 700+ iconsAll copyright is for Bethesda Softworks.
Definitely buy Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, awesome games.
Check out fallout nexus for mods and other stuff.

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