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Nov 07, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 76

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Encryption Manager Lite


Encryption Manager Lite Description

File manager for confidential data using AES encryption.

Encryption Manager is a file manager, that offers a comfortable and secure way to keep files with confidential data encrypted using AES encryption on the SD card.

A master password is both used to access the application and to encrypt the encryption keys, that are generated random for each file, that is managed by Encryption Manager. Confidential files are accessible directly after the login. With one click on the file, the file is decrypted to its original location and can be shown by the installed viewer or editor apps. When you are finished working with the decrypted copy, the file is re-encrypted with one click and the decrypted file is wiped from the SD card. This wipe process will overwrite the data with random bytes before the file is deleted. So even if the device is lost or stolen, it is not possible to access your confidential data.

Encrypting new files is very simple: they can be chosen either with the built-in file manager or by simply using "send/share" from another app.

* Access based on master pin or master text password.
* Encrypts all kind of files.
* Possibility to encrypt all files of a folder.
* Provides a special handling for images, e.g. removal/creation of gallery thumbnail images.
* Base functionality of a file manager (view on click, send/share menu), but with automatical decrypting before the action.
* Offers AES and Twofish encryption with 128 and 256 bit keys.
* Status tracking: Displays icons to indicate whether a file is currently decrypted or was changed.
* User setting for automatic re-encryption on exit.
* Secure overwrite of the orginal file after the encryption.
* Two layout modes: flat list view or hierarchical folder view.
* Filters can be defined to filter SD card files by file extensions or to excluded folders.
* The master password can be changed for an existing database.
* Provides an optional backup mechanism for the encryption keys.
* Can be configured to delete all managed files the after 7 unsuccessful attempts.
* Has an "Exit" menu on all screens, that finishes the task completely.
* App is locked (master password must be re-entered), when there is no user input for configurable period.
* Includes english help pages.

* English
* German
* French

* The "lite" version is limited to 5 encrypted files!
* The full version has no limitations.

Keywords: file encryption, data encryption, file manager, crypto, SD card, encryption algorithm, AES, Twofish

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My first commentThis app is incredible. Look at the posts and you'll see one by a user who spent a lot of time with the developer to finely tune this software to be the best DROID crypto package yet. As a security consultant and OpenSSL developer, I have a LOT of experience with encryption and this application is good. The only question I have is: Does the program do a Guttman or other algorithmic file scrub when deleting files?? This is extremely important, id love to know the answer. The app is awesome.
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