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Sep 05, 2011
2.1 and up
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LIMITED TIME OFFER! $1 off the regular price!!Employee Login is an application made for employees who need or want an easy way to access their employers online website. This makes checking your schedule, benefits, pay stubs, etc. easy. The application allows you to enter in a URL (or import one from you favorites). If your employers website allows post then you can save your username and password in the app (password is encrypted on your phones internal memory). This will allow you to login in automatically, if not; it will still allow you to save the username and password making it easier to login (a prompt will ask you if you want the username and password saved after your first login). If the webview is showing a POST error; remove the saved username and password, this would indicate the website isn't compatible with the post method. You can also add a number for calling in sick (or import one from your contacts). Once setup, when you launch the app it will either automatically log you into the website or it will have your username and password ready for you to hit login (depending on personal preference and website information). App features:
* Save your username and password in app (only valid if the website allows post method).
* Save a number to call in sick.
* Call in sick right from the app.
* Import bookmark.
* Import contact for calling in sick.
* Comprehensive help page with FAQs.
* Use current page option.
* Ability to setup default zoom level.
* Move to SD card feature enabled.Permissions:
* Your personal information:
This is for importing bookmarks (to select the URL if you already have it saved) and importing contacts (to select a sick line number if its already in your contact list).
* Network communication:
This is internet access to load up and view your employers website.
* Services that cost you money:
The ability to call out from the app (call in sick).If the post method isn't working with your employer, please send me an email. Let me know who your employer is and I will work to make the login process easier if I can. Lots of different employer websites have different methods for logging in. Also, any suggestions or problems please send me an email before you give the app a low rating. I can't respond to comments but I definitely will respond to emails.

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Employee Login works with Walmart One WebsiteFirst, thank the developer for putting in the option to install to SD card, owning a phone that is short on useable memory I do appreciate that. I am using Employee Login on an Optimus-V running on Virgin Mobile (Android 2.2.2). Once I got a proper URL into it it seemed to work, so I posted my experience under reviews. Now I find there is a glitch. The program does not completely shut down, so on subsequent relaunches, the Walmart website appears to treat it as someone else trying to horn in on the session and displays a page not available notice. I know this because if I click the exit button in Employee Login, then go into the Android settings under applications and force the program to shutdown and hit the clear cache button, upon relaunch the program it works properly. To me this sounds like a simple fix, but I am not a programmer and I know time is fleeting.
ScheduleIts not letting me view my schedule. But other than that its a great app
Not workingIt use to work now it doesn't will change my review if things get fixed keeps saying invalid page please visit real URL but it use to work just fine I've checked everything

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