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Sep 25, 2013
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 97239

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Empire Defense II


Empire Defense II Description

Many years ago, in the far eastern country, because of the continuous wars, groups of rebels aroused, people were plunged into misery and suffering. No justice existed in the society. The Mage Horn launched witchcraft to confuse people. In order to enable the light of justice to re-shine in the world, a young man named Leo stands up, together with his sworn brothers, determining to fight the evil in the world to the death!

1、There are several heroes for you to choose. The heroes have their own skills and characteristics, which can be upgraded.
2、You can plan your defense way by moving the heroes. Then the enemy will launch after your way.
3、Group different soldiers to fight in the battle. Soldiers have their own strengths. The key to victory is the good co-ordination.
4、The points, designed in high degree of freedom, display the most individual clearance!
5、Witness the growth of Liubei and other heroes, adventure and fight with them, break through the heavy fog to reveal the ultimate mystery!

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We want to make Empire Defense the best strategy game on Android and your reviews keep us inspired and motivated! Please take a moment to review Empire Defense
on the Google Play Store if you enjoy the game and we will keep the free updates coming. Enormous thanks to everyone for their feedback, suggestions and support.

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Crashes and loses dataThis was a good game until all of a sudden all the data was reset and I had to start over after a month of leveling up. Also the Arena sucks since half the time after you play a round and complete it, it times out and you are forced to either ok it and keep getting the timed out message or cancel, but if you cancel not only do you lose a ticket but you don't get any crystals or gold. Fix your server! Oh and after having to wait for the ridiculous 6 hour window to complete to get free crystals, they sometimes mysteriousness disappear from my bank total after I submitted to get them WTH?
Buggy game!!I think I don't need to comment on all the problems with this game as many alreardy did..I just want to know what the hell is the support/technical team doing about all this problems with the game. My patients is getting lower and lower each day and it will come to a point that I will stop playing this game. On a side note you guys should really do something to improve the English dictation as well as the reply yr staff gives on the app market. Its embarrassing!!
Great game. Fast customer serviceI really enjoy this game. With a bug here and there it happens in the gamming world. I logged on today to find all of my items and progress lost. The game had reset. Well I contacted the game developer via their gmail account (as he has asked others to do in other comments) and I had a response and the problem fixed 6 hours later. So if you give them a chance to fix any issues with the game they do. So for that I give them 5 stars. 4 for the game itself and the 5th for great customer service.

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