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Oct 23, 2012
2.1 and up
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Modular application containing:

***Leki*** (Drug Module) - Comprehensive Polish Drug Reference, developed by Medycyna Praktyczna Editorial Board. Updated daily!
Reliable drugs descriptions, prices, current availability on the Polish market and much more. The drug database contains:
* over 1,000 drug active components descriptions
* over 4,000 drug descriptions
* over 7,500 drug items with prices
The module use is restricted to the registered users of the Medycyna Praktyczna website ( Starting June 12, 2012 no license fees are required for full functionality of the module.

***Podręcznik*** (Handbook Module) - containing digital version of Choroby Wewnętrzne handbook edited by Andrzej Szczeklik and Piotr Gajewski.
The module use is restricted to the registered users of the Medycyna Praktyczna website ( Full functionality available for a limited time, annual license fees apply hereafter. More information at

***Gabinet*** (Health Center Module) - currently containing digital, Polish Language Editions of:
* ICD-10 - International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. Tenths Revision. Vol. 1. and Vol. 3. Under permission of Fundacja Zdrowia Publicznego, Cracow, the Polish translation copyright holder.
* ICD-9 - International Statistical Classification of Medical Procedures (ICD-9 PL version 5.13)
Neither login and password nor license fees are required for use of the module contained in the application versions 1.1.1 - 1.6.4

Change log:

Versions 1.1.1 - 1.2.2
- possibility of moving the application data to a memory card
- bookmark functionality
- drug list sorting options
- Gabinet module (ICD-10)
- Podręcznik module
- possibility to download all image data of the handbook to a memory card
- possibility to set a drug description text font size
improved or fixed:
- Android 3.x devices operation issues
- Samsung Galaxy S Plus devices operation issues

Versions 1.3.0 - 1.3.5
- ICD-9 Classification (Gabinet module)
- minor improvements due to changes in the drug reimbursement regulations starting January 1st and March 1st, 2012
- swipe left/right gestures for moving between chapters of the handbook
- possibility to set font size of the drug list
improved or fixed:
- problem with moving the application data to a memory card on Android 2.1 devices
- data update process of Leki module on devices with a small amount of free storage memory
- accessing drugs with the same brand name and different content (Convulex case)
- a rare issue of the application crash after update of the drug database
- Android 4.0 devices operation issues
- activation issues on tablets with tampered versions of Android system
- activation issues on few Android 2.1 and 2.2 tablets

Versions 1.4.0 - 1.4.1
- drug list filters
- chosen sorting option is remembered
- ICD-10 exclusions, inclusions and notes
- ICD-9 newer version
improved or fixed:
- downloading and displaying of images with low memory conditions
- Android 3.x i 4.0 devices minor operation issues

Versions 1.5.0 - 1.5.8
- SmPC indications
- ATC i pharmacotherapeutic classifications
- advertising banners
- optional text justification
- the effective date of the drug reimbursement data (in the update window)
improved or fixed:
- performance of multielement drug lists
- operation issues on Android 2.1 devices at low memory conditions
- Leki and Gabinet modules operation issues on Android 2.1 devices

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Zmiany w programie idą w dobrym kierunku. ReklamyZmiany w programie idą w dobrym kierunku. Reklamy w zamian za bezpłatny indeks leków - bardzo dobry pomysł.
SpokoSpoko loko.
Nie dziala baza lekow. Otwiera sie lista, a po wybraniu leku wraca ponownie do ...Nie dziala baza lekow. Otwiera sie lista, a po wybraniu leku wraca ponownie do listy :(

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