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Dec 05, 2011
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 137

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Emoticon (Smiley) Keyboard


Emoticon (Smiley) Keyboard Description

Love texting droid smileys and emoticons but don't like having to hunt for the symbols to text a smiley or open up menus just to insert an emoticon?With Emoticon Keyboard you just hold a key for an extra second for an instant smiley or any other android emoticon!Important Note! Please Read!
If your text messenger does not currently support the nicer smileys, two easy steps will allow you to see and use them all. Just choose the "Smileys Show as Boxes or Symbols" in the help and we do most of the work for you.
E-mail us at for free, friendly support if you have any questions or need help setting yours up.Recent Updates:
1. "Green Droid" style added. Thanks Sussie B for request!
2. "Love Theme" the emoticons you need to let those you care about know how you feel.
3. Expanded Help Section - All features now fully detailed. Solutions added to common questions.
E-mail us what other features you would like to and yours will be next!Recent Fixes:
Increased support for phones with built-in keyboards
Built-in help was again improved.
Word suggestions further optimized for even faster results.Features:
* Fastest smiley and emoticon texting!
* No more switching over to symbols mode to make a smiley
* No opening emoticon menus or scroll through smiley lists
* Includes all the supported droid smileys for texting
* Now supports 121 smileys with many many more to come!
* (with free plug-in for your text messenger)
* Assign a different smiley theme to lowercase and uppercase
* Preview and browse through smileys just by long pressing
* Select a look and color for your keyboard from 5 styles
* Helpful tips given for beginners while previewing
* Extensive word suggestion dictionary save time and typos
* Access options quickly from icon or swipe up on keyboard
* Adjustable keypress click/vibrate (Haptic Feedback)
* Magnifying Glass for tricky text fields and forms
* Move Advanced Cursor by sliding finger on keyboard
* Precision Copy and Paste by sliding finger on keyboardReminder: The number of smileys supported by your phone is only based on your phones text messenger. Installing a nicer text messenger or a plug-in for the text messenger you already have is a very easy way to see all the smileys and emoticons.Very Important Installation Note!
After you first install you WILL NOT see the smileys on your keyboard UNTIL you select "Emoticon Keyboard" as your input method. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, press the "Emoticon Keyboard" icon from your apps menu and press "Setup Help" for the few easy steps.We want to hear from you about Emoticon Keyboard!
E-mail the feature you want to see next to

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Because I like to be different!Love the themes and the selection of smileys...although my razor doesn't recognize the droids and turns them to regular smileys (BOO Motorola!) Can you fix the underline when typing? If I make a mistake I have to get out of the keyboard or hit space and then go back and delete. Time consuming and slows texting.
Great appOnly thing that I need it to have is talk to text when driving and for making notes. Otherwise this better than apps that dont include the emojI. Love it very happy
DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT purchase this app. Save ur $1 for a ...DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT purchase this app. Save ur $1 for a drink at McDonald's. It's jus a keyboard with added smileys..NO EXTRA smileys. WASTE

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