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Apr 23, 2013
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This App is going to help every Indian home loan customer by realizing what you end up paying for your loan to the beloved bank and what you can do to save it! Have you ever imagined the kind of interest amount you pay when your only priority is lower EMI’s? Have you ever thought of the long term burden you incur by not taking smart decisions on your loan?It’s never late. Become smart, use EMI Expert which will help you in taking smart decisions!
EMI Expert provides two unique and smart options:1. Changing EMI / Duration:
Based on your financial situation you can use this slider to find out yourself the interest you can save by just raising your current EMI by a few thousand per month on your home loan. The savings are displayed without any extra clicks, just slide and see for yourself.2. Adding part-payments:
Every now and then you may accumulated some wealth (bonuses, sales, onsite visits etc.) which you want to invest. A logical thing to do is make part-payments for your loan. But you have the obvious question in mind,when to do and how much to do,right? Using EMI Expert, it provides you the option to add different amounts in different months and see for yourself the savings you can make. You can always try different options to find the right match to your financial situation.You can email the amortization chart of the new and old situation, the comparison charts etc. so that you can keep it for your record. This App will help you achieve taking some small but critical decisions which might just save you lots and lots of money (in many Lacs of rupees if not less)Please note this not an EMI calculator, it gives you much more. Try it and see for yourself how you can make lots of savings!P.S. After so many "how to?" comments on my post on (now on : ) regarding "Smart way to manage your home loan EMI in India !", I started this idea to build those suggestions into this App. Go through the comments on that post to see for yourself that it is possible and easy to save lots. EMI Expert just gives you the automation and freedom to do it yourself.More to come in future version. In upcoming version (in development right now) you will have ability to save different options and compare them. Moreover you will have ability to combine EMI/Duration slider with part-payments and vice versa to try different combinations. So grab your PRO version right now ... !Visit for more
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