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Sep 26, 2011
2.1 and up
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Rating: 9

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Emergency (ICE)


Emergency (ICE) Description

Make sure you have it when you need it. Your personal emergency data.

Emergency data always at hand - for you and your whole family.

This app helps you in case of emergency. The first helper is able to see which person he deals with and who to call with only a few clicks.
As part of your mobile health management it stores important information that can be used in case of an emergency. The app includes the following functions:
Emergency data for the whole family
* All data can be entered and displayed separately for each family member
* Your name, age, weight, blood type
* picture of the person
* special instructions for e.g. asthma medicine
* A list of people to call (directly from the app) in case of emergency
* Insurance information
* Doctor names and numbers (call directly from the app)
* Allergies including description and severity
* Medical Conditions including description
* Medications including description and dose information
* Immunization
* Emergency numbers of different countries

To avoid any possible confusion the image, the name, age and sex of the person is immediately displayed when starting the app.

Special Instructions
The launcher automatically displays specific instructions to indicate emergency medication for asthma or anaphylactic shock.

Reminder to edit the emergency data (after a certain time of inactivity)

Call from the app
Emergency contact, configured doctors and emergency numbers can be dialed directly from the app.

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You can add "Emergency" to your lockscreen with the WidgetLocker app by using the "Emergency" - Widget.

When you download and install this software, you agree to our End User License Agreement (End-User License Agreement).

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This program hasn't opened since it was installed. Will now delete and reinstall. ...This program hasn't opened since it was installed. Will now delete and reinstall. If it doesn't work this time will request refund and leave comment.

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