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Mar 27, 2011
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 6

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Edgy Description

Advanced Directed Graph Notepad

Edgy is a diagram tool for creating diagrams rapidly and instantly share.

Touch anywhere to add a word to the screen, and touch the words to link to new words. The menu button gives you more options.

A full user manual is included in the about screen.

Edgy is built upon the powerful web-based Google Charts API, and requires an active internet connection.

Use Edgy for:

* Brainstorming
* Mind Maps (mindmapping, mindmaps, brain maps, etc.)
* To-do lists
* Process diagrams
* Network diagrams
* Flow charts
* Software designs
* Checklists


* Up to 200 nodes
* Share graphs over email, Twitter, Facebook, multimedia text messages, and Bluetooth
* Create DOT files for use with GraphViz or other compatible graph software (does not read DOT files)
* Interactively connect nodes using the touch screen
* Fully automatic layout
* Fast server-based rendering
* Supports tablets and expands to fit your screen
* Optimized for speaking complex relationships with voice input keyboards
* Small application size
* Minimalist design

It is also great for mathematicians for graph theory as well as information professionals already familiar with GraphViz, as a notepad for beginning a graph, or as a start towards a more complex graph created on a full computer.

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Google Play Comments

Nice idea but slowThis good bwle very cool. But I find it very slowand clunky. Once it speeds up ill increase my rating Using xoom2 And Samsung galaxy tab 7
Sean Blakey
A nice v1 for quick graphsMost of my diagrams degrade into "boxes and arrows", so I learned to love GraphViz many years ago. Edgy is nice for building quick graphs, and the shorthand syntax is very nice. With space constraints on a phone, I fall into acronym soup like "fos and pce and herd and ffn and ffw and fcdb". I really like Edgy's use of "and" and "or" in shorthand graph creation. You can find this manual in the "About" action under the "More" menu. It's a little easier to share images than dot source code from Edgy, and I've emailed the developer a feature request about this. I really like the workflow of starting a diagram in Edgy, then moving over to the GraphViz mac application to add more detail (and expand the acronyms). I'd also love to be able to view arbitrary dot files on my phone or tablet, which is not supported by Edgy.
Can't figure out how to load dot files, will pass. 

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