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Jan 23, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.9
Rating: 9

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Echo Messenger


Echo Messenger Description

Receive or send texts via free or cheap Web SMS gateways of your choice.

Echo Messenger is an alternative SMS client, just like the one that comes with your Android smartphone, but including support for functionality such as sending SMS messages via third-party free or cheap Web-based SMS gateways and the ability to send messages using a desktop Web browser, over WiFi.


★ Automatically syncs with phone's existing SMS messages and contacts.
★ Supports both threaded conversation and 'classic' SMS views.
★ Supports access via desktop Web browser, over WiFi, for SMS sending.
★ Message options include; 'forward', 'reply', 'delete', 'add to contacts' and 'call number'.
★ Support for sending outgoing SMS using the phone or any of a number of Web2SMS providers (see list below), with multiple accounts supported.
★ Customizable colours for the display.
★ Option to default to the phone when message sending via a Web2SMS provider fails.
★ Ability to check credit level remaining with Web2SMS providers (where available and applicable).
★ Ability to send a dynamic sender ID with Web2SMS providers (where available and applicable).
★ Multi-part message support.
★ Incoming message notifications, including ringtone and vibration.
★ Option to silence incoming message notifications at certain times of the day.
★ Draft SMS functionality, allowing the saving of multiple draft SMS to one or more recipients in classic view or single drafts in threaded view.
★ Language support: Deutsch, English, Italiano.

Please feel free to report any bugs or suggest new features by email to

The current list of Web-based SMS providers supported is:

★ BulkSMS
★ Clickatell
★ Kapow!
★ SMSxchange

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to set up an account with a provider separately and register them with Echo Messenger. Upon initial install the phone is used as the default SMS sending account.

If you offer Web-based SMS or want to otherwise suggest one, please feel free to drop me a line at so that I can include your service.

For further information please visit

Keywords: freesms sms gateway websms text messages txt web2sms pc2sms

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MessagingVery nice
Works perfectly with Clickatel APIGreat app - works perfectly with Clickatel API. Easy to use and a decent viewing window to see what one is typing. And all for nothing! I also use another sms app because for various reasons I have more than one sms provider. I would love to see this app cater for more sms providers. That said, thanks for a great free app. (My phone is an HTC Wildfire)
Best app in it's categorygives the user "exactly" what he wants. Most importantly, the makers of the app are dedicated and very reactive to feedback. Well done!

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