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Jul 30, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.6
Rating: 49

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EasyBrowser for Easynews


EasyBrowser for Easynews Description

⚝⚝ Membership Required ⚝⚝

EasyBrowser allows Easynews members to search and download content from the Easynews Usenet service using their Android device. This app requires an Easynews subscription.


Please use the support option before giving the App a low rating, or if you do give low rating, please describe your issues in detail so that they can be addressed for other users.


➤ User Experience
➥ Holo Theme and Action Bar on all devices
➥ Different views for Audio, Video, and Images
➥ Details can be paged using swipe left/right gesture
➥ Tablet support
➥ Cached images (to increase view performance, and limit bandwidth use)
➥ Give feedback (in preferences)
➥ Optional logout on exit (in preferences)
➥ Use http or https

➤ Searching
➥ Basic and Advanced Search
➥ Jumpt to Page Number (3.5.3)
➥ Save and Load Searches
➥ Search Results have thumbnails and language icons
➥ Save search defaults
➥ Search Google for more information
➥ Share a link
➥ High resolution images when browsing images and videos
➥ Play audio samples in ICS+

➤ Downloading
➥ Background downloading
➥ Configure different download locations for different file types
➥ Download Notifications with progress bar

⚝⚝ $$ PAID FEATURES $$ ⚝⚝
➤ Multi Select
➥ Download to Folder (3.5.3)
➥ Multi Select to download multiple files
➥ Multi Select to add to Zip Manager

➤ Full Featured Download Manager
➥ Pause/Resume Downloads
➥ One download at a time
➥ WiFi only downloads
➥ Manage completed downloads
➥ Auto Pause Download when leaving WiFi
➥ Auto Resume Download when entering WiFi
➥ Download Details contains complete details about the download

➤ Built In Zip Manager
➥ Manage Queues
➥ Download Complete Queue or Single File from Queue
➥ Nzb Download from Zip Manager

➤ Built in Image Viewer
➥ From Image details, tap the image, to view it in the built in image viewer which supports pinch and Zoom.

➤ Favorites View
➥ List your favorites grouped by Category
➥ Select Favorite to browse/search group


➤ android.permission.INTERNET
➥ For searching

➤ android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
➥ Image Caching and Downloads

➤ android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
➥ Determine when WiFi is being used

➤ android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
➥ Prevent the phone from sleeping during downloads

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Google Play Comments

Developer assumes everyone has fast unlimited dataThis app will chew through your data plan and easynews gigs just by browsing search results ; it does a full download of an image in the background without you realizing it! Wasting my data and my battery life. No way to turn this off.
A note from the DeveloperI'm currently working on a new release to address some issues in the 3.0 release. @scott - I'll be adding an option to disable the use hi-res images, but these images not loaded in the search results only when you click on the details of a search result. But you are correct, they can be very large and eat through a data plan. I've uncovered a few other issues and hopefully I'll have a new release out in a few days. Thanks for your support.
ExcellentLightweight and fast. Winch to download files. Glad I don't have yo download on PC then transfer. Small notification bug with JB but doesn't affect function.

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