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Aug 17, 2012
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 3577

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Doodle Toy!™ Kids Draw Paint


Doodle Toy!™ Kids Draw Paint Description

Doodle Toy for Kids! 'n the lil' kid in all of us!Try our Doodle Gram Photo App!

Enjoy Doodle Toy! Easily post your creations to Facebook®!
Older kids and adults should try our Doodle Gram!™ app which not only lets you paint and draw on your Instagram® photos or any other photos but lets you create collages!

The Settings button, same place where Kaleidoscope button is, can turn off vibration or sound effects. Turn up the Audio Volume for kids.

For younger kids, try our Doodle Color!™ Kids Coloring app!

Let your kids doodle on your phone, use your tablet as a drawing pad or sketch pad for quickly drawing diagrams.
Fun to finger paint even detailed art, helps bring out the artist in everyone! Start painting your masterpiece now!

You can load photos from your gallery and paint on top of them. It's very easy to draw with doodle toy, simply click to select a paint brush style and choose your color mode, the default already gives you fun vibrant random colors!

Teach your kids to draw and paint. Let them learn on their own while having fun learning!
Great doodle glow (neon glow) effects, rainbow colors and doodle mirror with all effects, kids love the mirror draw modes! (use the mirror mode for easy drawing of Christmas trees :)

"We're more addicted to this than angry birds, better than, paint joy, or others but wish could import instagram pics easier. It's definitely not just for the kids, they have to fight me over it!..." --User Review

Legal disclaimer:
* All trademarks and copyrights referenced are the sole property of their respective owners. Android™ is a trademark of Google® Inc.
* This app and its creators are in no way related to, endorsed by, or affiliated with Instagram® Inc.

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Google Play Comments

Fantastic but......This game is amazing but a few dislikes such as more colours (dark green and a couple more) different sizes and shapes of brushs and rubbers ssh again different sizes and shapes but apart from that it is amazing. Its good for kids and adults to express them selfs
My kids are obsessedThis is hands-down the best app for keeping kids quiet in public--we've installed it on both phones so they don't squabble over whose turn it is. Would happily pay for a no-ads version.
3 Year old loves it, so do I.This drawing app is a perfect distraction. (it distracts me sometimes too.. ^_^) There are so many nifty little features, and my son figured out the interface really quickly. My only complaints are that it is hard to get my phone back from my son when I need it... and he sometimes clicks the ad by accident. Other than that, perfect app. I wish this company would develop something similar with an educational twist. (like letter and number tracing)

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