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Oct 10, 2012
2.1 and up
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DJIGZO S/MIME Email Encryption


DJIGZO S/MIME Email Encryption Description

DJIGZO Email Encryption

DJIGZO for Android can be used with your existing Android mail application to send and receive S/MIME signed and encrypted email. DJIGZO for Android is free for personal use.


- S/MIME 3.1 (X.509, RFC 3280), email encryption and digital signing
- Can be used with the Android Gmail application
- Compatible with existing S/MIME clients (like Outlook, Thunderbird etc.)
- Message and attachments are encrypted
- HTML email support
- Certificates are automatically extracted
- CRLs supported (LDAP and HTTP)
- Certificate trust lists (CTLs) for black/white listing certificates
- LDAP servers can be searched for certificates
- Can generate self-signed certificates for a 'private-PKI'


- DJIGZO for Android does not provide functionality to retrieve email. An existing Android mail application, for example Gmail, K9 or the default Android email client, should be used to retrieve the encrypted attached smime.p7m message.
- Clear signed digitally signed message can only be verified by opening the message as an .eml file from the sdcard. The complete message is required for validation. Existing mail clients however do not provide access to the complete message.


- The GET_ACCOUNTS permission is required to get the default sender address
- The READ_CONTACTS permission is required to lookup the recipients for the compose page


- Quick start guide
- Reference guide

For more information see

For support contact us at


DJIGZO, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, provides products for the protection of email. DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway is an open source centrally managed email server that encrypts and decrypts email at the gateway level.

Installation packages are available for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and CentOS. A Virtual Appliance for VMware and Hyper-V is available. An add-on for BlackBerry is available.

Feedback on reviews:

DJIGZO is fully functional and has been tested on the Galaxy tab despite Mr Croucher negative and false claims. The reason he could not import the keys was that he didn't understand the difference between private keys and certificates and kept on trying to import a .pfx file with the certificate import wizard (which is only for importing certificates, not keys). His claim that it took "weeks of haphazard support" is also false since it took 10 days from the day of first contact to the day we found out he was using the wrong import wizard. We always reacted within a few hours to all of his emails while his replies often took a few days. He confirmed that he was able to import his keys after using the correct import wizard ("import keys") but still rewarded us with 1 star.

Paula reported that she couldn't find any certificates. DJIGZO cannot "automagically" find all externally used certificates. There are three ways to get certificates for recipients: extracted from digitally signed email, manual import or, a certificate can be downloaded from an LDAP server. If a company uses their own LDAP server, add the LDAP server to the list. Paula also remarked “No support!”. We have checked our logs and have not seen any email from Paula.

About the integration of DJIGZO and email clients. DJIGZO registers itself as an application to handle S/MIME attachments (smime.p7m). If a mail application can download the smime.p7m attachment, it can be decrypted by DJIGZO. Most Android email clients cannot be extended by external apps. Improved integration between existing email clients and DJIGZO can only be done if the email client supports plugins.

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Google Play Comments

Now it supports native E-mail clientGood application! Support of native E-mail client (in addition to GMail client application) has made this software much more comfortable! 5 stars
PerfectDoes exactly what it claims. Currently the best option I have seen for S/MIME. Thank you.
simply worksTried some s/mime clients, DJIGZO works most easily, especially certificate import is very easy compared to others. Only thing missing is email s/mime signature validation.

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