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May 31, 2013
1.5 and up
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Dirty Talking Robot Girl /Full


Dirty Talking Robot Girl /Full Description

'Robot Girl' is the app that EVERYONE has been waiting for but NO developer was willing to write. Robot Girl is an app that randomly speaks VERY dirty sex talk by the female voice on your Android phone. Great for work, bar or classroom humor.Tap on 'Name' and you can enter a first name into the text box. After that, and when you tap 'Start,' the app will put together 10 random sentences from over SIXTY that are programmed into the app, to create and speak a dialog of man-on-woman sex for about 30 seconds at a time. And the phrases are VERY dirty and VERY funny! Tip: For certain names in the name box, use sound spellings. i.e. "Won" instead of "Juan"If the 'Use Name' check-box is UN-checked, the same dialog will be spoken after tapping 'Start' but with pet names like Daddy, Baby and Honey.There is also a button to speak only one phrase at a time. (Button titled 'One Liner')For privacy, the app's icon is not offensive and the app's name under it simply says "RG." It also will NOT say "Robot Girl" on your debit card or credit card statement.Listen to the female Android robot voice as she tells you how she wants it, how she feels and voices her most naughty desires. Most of the phrases are HILARIOUS, as a certain type of sexual humor based on 'What men want to hear' was deliberately programmed into the app.There's NOTHING more hilarious than hearing the female Android robot voice talk like we've NEVER heard her talk. You will know during the first ONE MINUTE that your 99 cents was well spent on an app that will make friends, family, co-workers and college classmates laugh their *sses off for weeks to come! Click Buy and Try 'Robot Girl' Today! And please 5-Star it if you like it!-------------------------------------------* Requires Android text-to-speech, which is already installed on most Android smart phones. If you've never heard a robot voice come out of your Android, please use the Free version to make sure your phone's text-to-speech is installed or active* This app does not connect to ANY web sites through your data network and does NOT collect ANY information from your phone. (Permissions are not always accurate) Robot Girl is Spam-Free and Ad-Free.* This app is 100% Privacy guaranteed. App icon is of a female robot face and only says 'RG' underneath it. ALSO REMEMBER: You can keep Robot Girl uninstalled, and re-install it any time you want to use it and you will only be charged .99 one time.* This app is rated 'High Maturity' and abides by all Google Play developer rules. There is no nudity or pornography in this app.
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