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Apr 14, 2011
2.1 and up
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Diabetes Management System


Diabetes Management System Description

Recommended by doctors and a real solution for diabetics…this Diabetes Management System™ is a patent-pending mobile app for Android devices to help Type I diabetics eliminate the “calculation guesswork” associated with controlling high and low Blood Sugar levels. It instantly performs “real-time” calculations based on BG Levels, Correction Factor, Insulin to Carb Ratio, and the amount of carbs that are going to be consumed. It utilizes an over 20,000 item (and growing) food search engine to find foods and Diabetic Carb Counts (DCC) in a flash. It also includes a Food Recommendation Engine that provides blood sugar correction items and healthy food choices - all connected to a Health Reporting Engine to help in creating and sending reports to any health practitioner.

• Easy to use mobile interface supported by system web site,
• “Real-Time” management of BG levels (mg/dL) when at or below optimum levels, even for users with insulin pumps.
• Adjust insulin to carb ratio for eating intervals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
• Choose generic, name brand, & restaurant food items using 20,000 item food database that allows user defined serving sizes and lists values for: calories, fat, and diabetic carb count.
• Recommendation Engine helps user to quickly choose carb choices to equalize blood sugar levels
• Health Reporting Engine allows for “real time” and historical reporting to visualize health patterns and issues

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Google Play Comments

Trial & DocumentationThey DID tell me that it is a 30-day trial, when I installed it. That seems fair to me. However, I'm having trouble finding documentation. For instance, it is not clear how to format the required "IC ratio" since the colon and decimal characters are not allowed. I did check out the database and was favorably impressed. The search was fast, with many results. Where is the documentation? Maybe I just missed it?
Works great. Easy to use after you get used to it. 
Poorly documented and inflexibleIt doesn't handle mmol/L and doesn't let you modify the database entries with the same flexibility I get in something like OnTrack. I like the idea of trying to suggest how much insulin to go with the meal, but it comes with so much structural overhead. I wonder what part of the app has been patented.

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