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Apr 21, 2013
1.5 and up
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Deep Sleep & Relaxation Pro


Deep Sleep & Relaxation Pro Description

Do you have problems falling asleep? Look no further. Based on the top selling Visulax Sleep Aid this version features a wonderful female voice.This state of the art recording will help you fall into a peaceful and deep sleep with the help of guided meditation. The techniques included will help you fall into a deep state of relaxation so you can fall asleep. It's great for insomnia or if you just would like to relax.The loopable recording is 30 minutes long and has OM (AUM) background meditation music.★★★★★
"This recording puts me into a sound sleep in minutes. It’s the most effective program I've found and I've tried them all. I've never heard the end of the tape - ever!" - C.A.L.★★★★★
"Best app ever I couldn't wake myself up it was so relaxing it is so awesome I love it I give it 5 stars." -KendraCan even help you sleep with a migraine!★★★★★
"Helps me sleep especially when I have a migraine. Great soothing voice magically eases the pain and sends me off to sleep. Love this app!" -Pj.3★ Try Visulax® Sleep Aid now! ★ Note: We are not affiliated with Andrew Johnson, Sleep Cycle, Darren Marks, Sleepy Time, Sleep as Android, Meditation Oasis, Endomondo, Calorie Counter, White Noise, Pink Pad Pro, Lightening Bug, Insight Timer, Pocket Yoga, Simply Being, Relax & Rest, SleepStats or any other hypnosis or subliminal app.

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