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Sep 07, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 60

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Word Trainer DE Free


Word Trainer DE Free Description

Expand your German vocabulary and gain eloquence and quick-wittedness!

You would like to expand your treasury of German words? You have always desired to come across as an eloquent and well-educated person? Then this vocabulary trainer is just the right one for you!

Hundreds of selected words from the Wiktionary can be browsed and learned systematically. This vocab builder uses the successful flashcard system. Train your eloquence in the learning mode, in the quiz mode or in a word scramble game.

- Learning Mode (Flashcard, card index box system)
- Quiz Mode (like a Trivia game with different answer options)
- Word Scramble Mode (spell the vocab in the right way, alternative to hangman)
- Both directions: vocabulary or description is given; also random selection is possible
- Statistics about learning bevavior (how much right/wrong answers, five best/worst words, distribution of the words in the boxes)
- Offline: All words are on your device
- Efficient memory allocation and less storage needed
- App2SD
- Word Trainer, Vocabulary Trainer, Word Builder, Vocab Builder

Free Version:
- Permissions are only for ad's
- 295 words

Ultimate Edition
- ad free
- twice as much words (590 words)
- Widget for the homescreen with automatically updated words. Learn the words from the app by looking at your homescreen
- no permissions needed

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Google Play Comments

Great for advanced speakers!As a non-native German teacher, I don't get too many opportunities to expand my vocabulary as I have to speak fairly simply with my beginning German students. When given the opportunity to speak with "adults" in German, I feel like my vocabulary is pretty weak when compared to a native. This app is awesome for picking up new words in a game-like setting and it bookmarks words that you want to come back to for reviewing. Will definitely recommend this to other German-speaking friends of mine, as well as more advanced students. My only suggestion: continue adding words! I don't want to run out! :)

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