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Feb 08, 2013
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Davis's NCLEX-RN® Success


Davis's NCLEX-RN® Success Description

With nearly 40 years teaching exam prep, Sally Lagerquist's review reference has been key in the success of thousands of students taking the NCLEX-RN® exam. This latest update is based on the 2nd edition and it includes additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates! Based on the latest official NCLEX-RN® test plan, it incorporates new question formats into the test review itself.- More than 100 alternate-item NCLEX-style questions incorporated into the text
- New 500 question pretest section that directly relates to the four client needs and six subcategories as laid out in the latest official NCLEX-RN test plan
- Review of pharmacology includes herbal meds and a section on drug calculations/conversions
- Newly expanded and reorganized management of care section including: delegation, establishing priorities, HIPAA rules, emergency response plan (fire safety and preparedness)
- New appendices offer a guide to content focused on the reduction of risk potential, and expanded information on complementary and alternative therapies
- New and updated information on Older Adult, Infection Control, and Bioterrorism Agents Distinctive test-taking tips for each question Thousands of practice questions, including the integrated pretest, two integrated post-tests, content reviews
- Additional questions added which comes with CD-ROM enclosed in the hard copy
- Comprehensive, illustrated review of nursing content with many illustrations, charts, and visual cues in med-surg, elderly, OB, pediatric, psych, nutrition, pharmacology, diagnostic procedures, nursing treatments, ethical/legal issues, management of care, prioritization, and safety and infection control
- The only review reference with critical pathways in OB, peds, psych, and med-surg
- A straightforward, step-by-step review process: pretest, content reviews of most frequently tested areas, practice test, and final test
- Detailed rationales for both correct and incorrect answer choices
- A special unit addressing the needs of international nurses and repeat test-takers is included
- Extensive appendices, including indexes of all questions in the reference by client need categories, subcategories, nursing process step, and areas of human function; plus Appendix C covers all the theory directly based on categories and subcategories covered in the official NCLEX-RN® test plan

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